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Saturday, November 3, 2007

Why Softswitches,really hard on class 5 switches

I am here trying to compare the operational and so called the buzzy word -- "economic" impact of traditional TDM-based Class-5 switches with Voip enabled Softswitches.I have tried to put analysis on the Total Cost of Ownership and revenue opportunities in using the Softswitch Vs Class 5 switch.
In a recent studies by the world body of network-improvement strategy management ,it clearly shows that CAPX(capital expenditure) for Softswitches is shown to be 71-75% lower than its other analogous counterpart when all 24 channels of DS0 channels are filled with revenue services and 61-65% lower when only one-half of the available voice channels being used.
These costs include the envirnmental expenses --floor spaces,power,cooling,battery & maintenance and other expenses.Softswitch expenses are 12% of circuit switch expense.This is because the very smallest Circuit Switch occupies several equipment cabinets each of which is 50% larger than the telecom rack while a softswitch capable of 100,000 plus capacity take 1/3rd of the space.
In terms of technical aspects, Voip supports a 2:1 voice compression protocol on T1 lines , otherwise in in TDM we have to dedicatly provide lines to customers 24hours even though he may not be using it.
The Voip enabled softswitch services are faster and lower in cost to provisioning of new services and adds, moves and changes to the existing services to TDM switch.Since, such a robust software system supports the strong automated provisioning and service system and web based customer orders we need not have to do installation of T1 lines manually on 24 channels of DS0's.Again saving a lot of time and labour.
If these statistics to be believed --

cost of class 5 switch $6251 vs Softswitch $1000(for 20 pots provisioning & 256kbps internet)

To conclude, taking all above points into consideration we can only say that SOFTSWITCH indeed is to be HARDER on Class 5 switch !!!