The Very Special People


Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Today while I was filling my glass with water to drink, I realized a very important thing and I decided to share here with you all. How wonderful it is to fill a glass of water to its maximum limit without water overflowing. Au contraire, how about filling the water in glass even after its full, the water will keep on coming out of the glass, a complete wastage, isn't it?

Now just imagine your life as a glass of water. You fill the water in the glass to its maximum limit and then either you consume it or stop filling it further, but if none of the things is applied the water will start overflowing. Our life is pretty much the same, the glass of our life get filled with many things that we should learn, its our duty to either consume it by learning the new things or stop filling it until we use what we have in our glass by learning at our own pace, otherwise the water will overflow out of the glass and so will be the knowledge that will be of no use to us, a complete wastage!!

There is also a different principle to learn from the overflowing glass of water, which is- its essential to first empty the fully filled glass of water, if we want to put the fresh water in it. Our mind should first flush out the old bad things or just erase them out of the memory first, to learn the new things that can make a difference to our life. So, its really important to never feel content with what you have instead its important to show willingness and determination to learn from all the fresh new things around. I m sure it will do wonders to our lives.

I sometimes amazingly wonder that there are so many small small things that unknowingly gives us such an important things to learn, the very significant lessons of life. It's just so amazing, we just have to keep our eyes open and look for the signal, isn't it ?