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Saturday, May 29, 2010


I’m writing this post especially for the blogadda’sTravel Photos’ contest. As part of the contest, I’m going to post five of my favorite and best photographs during my all travels. This contest is really a treat for somebody like me, who very recently got stung by the camera’s aperture and shutter speed. So, here we go!!…..Too much excitement, isn’t it? But I kind of love starting the new things by saying ‘here we go’ as it brings my energy-levels to the same as Vin Diesel’s just before the start of the race in the movie “The Fast and The Furious”…O COM ‘on I’m just kidding :) .

Just about a month ago, when it was getting really hectic and boring, my wife and I decided to take a break, and eloped to celebrate our very first wedding anniversary in GOA, and by god, it was the most amazing time of our lives. Goa blended with its splendid heritage, delicious sea food, and refreshing beaches intoxicated both of us in a state of amnesia about the forgotten busy city life back home. Sitting on the Goan beaches, right under the wooden shacks within the constant vigilance of the shack owners to provide us the best hospitality, we braced the wind coming from the sea that reincarnated the old sweet pleasure back into our lives. So, I’m sure that by now you might have guessed it correctly that all my pictures are coming from our trip to GOA.

My first picture is called-“The Tranquil”. This picture is taken just before the evening at the Arossim Beach in South Goa. The Arossim Beach is no doubt Goa’s most clean and less crowded beach, and as you walk through the sea shore you would only hear the sound of sea waves coming across you minus all other voices on the beach. Just by looking at the sea you will fell for the voodoo of the sea waves, tranquility will fill your heart and soul with the utmost soothing and calming moment of your life. This picture just brings back the same tranquility that I witnessed so I named it as “The Tranquil”.

The second picture is called-“The Childhood”. As soon as you start walking on the beaches, the sand brings out your playful nature. You start playing the games with the sand, you write something on the sand, you print your marks on the sand or you make something from the sand. Unknowingly, you are pushed into a child’s play, you enjoy it to the core and you have fun with it. This picture shows the sand-homes that brought our childhood back I hope you feel the same after seeing it.

The third picture is of the Fort Aguada Light House, and it is called-“The Memorial”. The Fort Aguada is a well preserved 17th century Portuguese fort on Sinquerim beach overlooking the vast Arabian sea. The 4-storey Portuguese lighthouse was erected in 1864 and it’s the oldest of its kind in Asia. Sometimes I feel really amazed with the fact that how everyone of us want to click their photograph with the historical monuments and the great memorials, and unknowingly it’s been added to the memorials of our own lives in the form of picture-albums. The picture also depicts the tourist clicking their photographs with the Light House in behind, clicking the old memorial and creating a new one.

The forth picture is called-“The Escapade”. People really enjoy the adventure sports available on the Goan beaches, and one of them is “Paragliding”. People love the adventure of flying in the air on their parachutes. The feeling of flying above the deep blue sea is amazing. So, in this picture I caught a real adventurer flying over the deep blue sea and enjoying the ride.

The last and final picture is called-“The Romance”. They say it- “Listen to the free feeling of love every sunset”, and as we walked on the beach together holding our hands, watching the sunset, we fell in love all over again. The sea, the sunset and us, together made a lovely moment of life. I hope you feel like walking on the beach during the sunset holding your partner on watching this picture.

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Monday, May 24, 2010


Finally, I watched ‘Kites’ tonight. After a lot of hype and media attention the expectations were certainly high, and as I entered the theatre I was filled with super excitement. Now its 2a.m. post-screening of the ‘Kites’ and I’m still humming the songs of the movie, starting all the way from the exit of the theatre followed by my way back to home in my car and even after that till I started writing this movie review. The music of the movie is so melodious, and you start liking it even more when you have watched the movie. Hrithik Roshan, the super star looked like a Greek God with his well chiseled body. His dancing style, his acting, and his stunts nothing disappointed, he was so immaculate and no doubt, he played a master stroke. Barbara Mori, didn’t disappoint either. She looked gorgeous as the Mexican girls are, but her acting, her stunts, and her screen presence certainly tumbled many a hearts in the audiences. Yet the real show-stealer for me was the love. The love between Barbara Mori and Hrithik Roshan is depicted so well in the movie, the chemistry between both the actors came out with so much perfection. I felt like fallin in love all over again.

The movie is well made, it’s been crafted so well that I didn’t feel like watching a regular Bollywood movie, but for me the ‘Kites’ was like a Hollywood movie. I think it’s the first time ever when Bollywood has succeeded in making a movie that is of International standards, which can be watched by audiences all across the globe. A Special applause for the makers of the ‘Kites’, they have just created a movie, which India can proudly say- it’s an Indian movie for the global audiences. The picturization and the locations of the ‘Kites’ were a visual pleasure. Hrithik’s final scene in the movie quiet well justified why there was a buzz about his Jesus like looks in the tinsel town of Hollywood.

Overall, it’s a big thumps up for the ‘Kites’. I’m thrilled to see Hrithik Roshan in the movie and for the directors around the world here is one very special bollywood actor who is no less than a Tom Cruise or Mel Gibson. I’m sure Hrithik’s Kite is going to fly high till it reaches the western doors of Hollywood, before we soon hear that he is doing an International project. To sum up everything in one shot- “ Kites” is wonderful, the movie is unique, it’s an International movie and I loved it!!

P.S. This is my first ever movie review, I’m not good at it but the Kites forced me to share what I felt J… And Karan Johar this review is NOT from the critics, finally there are audiences. So, Just Spread The Love!!