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Friday, January 21, 2011


For long I’m trying to do my best to help the under privilege children here in India, but there are so many things that can be done and yet we shy away from them. So, I’ve decided to come out of the shell and to help the poor children in whatever possible way I can. I did a bit of thinking and finally I’ve come up with an idea. 


Since, I’m a Software Engineer I’ve decided to use my skills in that area to help the poor. I will be offering following services to the customers on a nominal price-
  •       Testing the web-applications. 
  •       Writing testing articles.
  •     Writing other technical articles like product reviews, research articles etc.
  •       Testing mobile applications.
  •     Doing website reviews.
  •     Website/application usability review and feedbacks.
  •      Feedback/reviews about the blog templates.
  •     Advertising and promoting firms/products on my blog.
  •    Providing technical resources like e-books, webcasts, links etc related to Software Testing, SQL, RDBMS, C++, Unix.
All the money made by providing above services to various customers will be used to help the poor and the under privileged children in India. Once I get the money, I’ll be posting pictures and videos on my blogs showcasing the money has been spent in the correct way for the needy.


I know every one of you want to see a beautiful world out there, and everyone wants to do its bit to make the world better. So, it’s quite simple to be part of this phenomenon either you avail my services or you help me spread the word. See if you want any of the above services or just see how you can get me clients.

It’s just the beginning and I’m sure there will be several others who will be soon joining me. I truly believe there will be several others who will figure out their own ways to help the under privilege children.


Thursday, January 20, 2011


Hey pals, remember my post about a cool vocabulary building app – “INTELLIVOCAB (previously PowerVocab)” developed by Faqden Labs. The application is ‘Live’ on Apple store now. As I mentioned in my previous post, IntelliVocab (previously PowerVocab) is surely a smart utility app for building vocabulary. The biggest USP of the app is its simple and fascinating user interface, and the navigations are really swift and smooth.

I do want to bring the spot light over the analytics of the app (IntelliVocab previously PowerVocab). I must admit it is really smart!! You have an option to choose different difficulty levels for the words you want to learn, and the timings are captured preciously for each practice set you complete giving you an exact picture of where you stand and what are your areas of weakness. On the basis of the analysis of the scores you can again set the difficult levels and practice more, I think it’s a really cool feature. I reckon it’s an app that provides a platform for progressive learning.

One most important thing is that this super cool vocabulary building app (IntelliVocab previously PowerVocab) can be downloaded free of cost from the Apple apps store. For downloading IntelliVocab from the apple’s website follow these steps-

1. Go to

2. Click on “iPhone

3. Click “Apps for iPhone

4. Search for IntelliVocab (previously PowerVocab) and install it

Other short way to download this vocab building app is- open your iTunes application (you need to download it from if you don’t have it) and search for “Powervocab Lite”.

I reckon it’s an impressive app especially for all those smart people who are preparing for GMAT, SAT, GRE and CAT, and you have to use it for sure.

I want to give credit to the developers of IntelliVocab (previously PowerVocab) for creating an app such as this and I hope we have a newer version soon hitting the app store with enhanced features.

PS. Due to trademark issues POWERVOCAB has been renamed to INTELLIVOCAB

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


A lot of times when we hear somebody say-“Think like a leader”, we make a remarkable mistake of interpreting it as- to run the organization like a CEO. With no doubt whatsoever, such an assumption is chaos!! It is true that we do need leaders who set the vision and then lead us to it, but the term “leader” is not just confined to those things or people. What really needs to be realized is that each and every member in the team should know its role and then act fully in that role like a leader would.

One of the most important characteristic of a leader is the sense of ownership, and when you start to think, feel and act like a leader with true sense of ownership towards your work, you are growing as a leader. The concept of ownership inspires us to be an entrepreneur of our functional areas. You are a software developer? Think that’s your business. Take personal responsibility for the success of your business. Design the software immaculately, inspire new ideas, implement maintainable code. You are a Painter? Think it’s your show. Show your imagination, show the quality of your work, ensure your creative satisfaction. Do whatever you can to make the business profitable as you would do if it’s your own business. By following such practices you will grow in your career and you will definitely grow as a leader.   

One other important trait of a leader is to build culture and build relationships. Like a true leader try to build a positive and enthusiastic atmosphere. Interact with people, pass a smile or wave your hand whenever you crossing them, make them feel comfortable to discuss their problems or to seek your suggestion. Instead of cribbing about the work environment, “be the change as you want to see” -as Mahatma Gandhi said. Share your ideas, discuss with people and implement them. Yet don’t be complacent and do what is right. “Being a leader isn’t about being popular, being a leader isn’t about being liked. It’s about doing the right”- as I read somewhere.

Few days ago, I saw a speech over the internet by the renowned author- Robin Sharma at the leadership forum in a business school. One thing that he said particularly impressed me- “Great leadership is tied to who you are as a person, rather than to your official position. Be a real leader, a leader without a title”. So, on that positive note let’s think like a leader to become “rock stars” at work, and finally to awaken the inner leader in ourselves. 

PS. This article was recently published for my firm's global news-letter.