The Very Special People


Wednesday, January 13, 2010


The instance when you felt the joy,
The moment when you felt like the supremo,
The time when you felt you have achieved it,
That is the true moment of Glory!!

The essence of glory is magnificent,
Everyone follows it like a salacious monk,
Glory is like a blanket on vilification,
Its like a makeover to the unsuccessful life.

Only an optimist can chase the Glory.
Only an optimist can squander like a peripatetic in search of  the Glory.
Sloth is it's enemy and patience is it's fan.
Determination is it's secret and hard work is it's magical wand.

Glory is an opus, it's creator is self.
You believe it, you do it.
What you need is a courage,
If you have it, if you will make it,
The splendor is yours, the Glory is yours,
Go and Get it, it's all Yours!!

Sunday, January 10, 2010


After being reported with so many cases of attacks on Indian Students in Australia last year the situation continues to remain worse in 2010. A week after a 21-year-old Indian student, was fatally stabbed in Melbourne, provoking India to renew its warning to the Australian authorities to ensure the security of its students, again a 29-year-old Indian youth was set on fire by a group of four assailants here on Saturday in the latest attack on people from the country in Australia, drawing condemnation from the community and the government, but police said a racial angle is “highly unlikely”. Sadly, this is not the first time we have been hearing the same from the Australian Government or Police. It seems the situation is a lot more out of control than it was earlier suspected with the continues failure of Australian Police and Government in controlling any kind of such attacks on people of Indian origin in Australia.

Like the Australian Government, I too don't know if the attacks happening every now or then are "Racial" nor I want to make a verdict on it by sitting in my home somewhere in India and declaring them as "Racial" but at the same time I have my expectations from the Australian Government to come up with better results to what have been happening for so long now. Personally, I loved Australia due to multiple reasons- its natural beauty, its educational system and the Australian cricket team, and may be I would have selected Australia for studying my masters but now its way out of my list and that is exactly what everybody else in thinking in India.

What is more engrossing is instead of showing its deliberate efforts in solving the problem in Australia, the Australian Government feels angered with a cartoon floating in Indian media. I think the Government has forgotten that its NOT a blind world and all actions are noticed, and if actions are not performed the way it should be then such critical pranks are made to ensure that some actions are taken. So, my request and sincere suggestion to the Australian Government will be to rather focus on the task, which they are trying to do since last one year now rather than feeling bad about their failure being discussed in the media.

P.S. By no means I declare here by saying these attacks in Australia as Racial and I still love my fellow Australians but its a request to Australian Government to call off this buffoonery and come up with some results.