The Very Special People


Sunday, November 28, 2010


I'm stuck,  immobilized, bogged down.
Stuck between the old protocols and the stereotypes.
Strangled between the dogmas and the principles.
Muffled between the self and the forerunners.

I stepped up to make it better,
I finised to make it happy,
I tried to do whatever made sense.
Yet, they thought I'm not right...
Yet, they didn't understand....

Effort for exuberance and glee,
Effort for jubilation and sanctity,
Effort for peace and euphoria,
All have gone in vain, everything squandered.
Once again devastation, another havoc.

Mind is scared to think.
Soul is not sure of the future.
Even a noble thought is not getting an assurance from the heart.
The heart is filled with remorse and indecisiveness.
Broken, shattered, and clueless......