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Saturday, January 7, 2012


Elders are very important people in our societies, but somehow the people especially the younger generations keep neglecting them. The young people of today forget that age is just a number and soon they will be in the chairs of the elderly. It is important that you don't just leave your elders at one corner of the house to play with their grandchildren. After all they are just like you and they also need a social life.

The younger generation has to value their relations with the elders and create enough time to always interact with the them. The elders deserve all due respect and honor from everyone in the house and the society. We keep on forgetting the fact that elders are the wisest and the most experienced of us all. It is only their age that they need you the most – be it to speak up for their rights, to support them socially and financially or to just give them a bit of your time and love. 

To take this issue head-on a group of 3rd-year Mass-Media Students of Wilson College in association with Silver Inning Foundation, Hermony and other NGO's started a social initiative called "Bachpan after Pachpan", which in English means "Childhood after Fity Five". This unique campaign aims at sensitizing the community, especially the youth about the issues faced by the Elderly today. The campaign focuses on Inter-generational Bonding because they believe that most of the problems faced by the Elderly can be changed a great deal if the youth stand up for them.

‘Bachpan after Pachpan’ seeks to make the lives of Senior citizens pleasant at the twilight of their lives. It encourages and inspires the society to take initiative to take care of the elderly. ‘Bachpan after Pachpan’ believes that you can do anything for the elders, even the smallest of the things can make a difference for example, just listening to what they have to say, just helping them cross the road, buy a train or a bus ticket, or simply just make them laugh their heart out loudly.

As part of the campaign, one of the events that  ‘Bachpan after Pachpan’ organized is Flash Mob – which took place on 4th of Jan 2012, at High Street Phoenix, Mumbai, India at around 5.00pm in the evening. The event saw 47 Senior Citizens of an NGO Harmony initiate and perform a Flash Mob. Needless to say, it was a huge success. Watch-out this amazing video of that wonderful flash-mob :

Thursday, January 5, 2012


This post is my "ideal time post" meaning I'm writing this post when the traffic of my thoughts is at its best while crossing the barricade of my heart. Though, there is a heavy congestion because of this massive explosion of thoughts but I decided to pick a very generic and useful one.

I realized that lot of us really overvalue ourselves; Overvalue?? I mean even though we haven't achieved something really significant in the life and yet we feel we have conquered the world. Trust me a lot of us suffer from "I'm the best" syndrome. In any case, I'm not against it, after all there is nothing bad in feeling good about thyself, but it is also important to stay grounded. No matter how rich you become or how successful you are, I bet there will be someone better than you, in fact "someone" is an understatement .

I hate to say, but I hate people who are not grounded. They talk and just don't listen to anyone, they order and just can't take a request, and they are too much into their lives. Trust me, it takes nothing to be polite and respectful to the people around you. The bottom-line is- you give respect, you get respect !!

Unfortunately, I've met people who do everything good about themselves except all the bad things with others. The pity is such people are highly qualified well educated lot, yet they just can't treat someone equal to how they treat themselves.

I think all I want to say is- "keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars"

Cheers !!

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