The Very Special People


Monday, March 30, 2009

KARMA is taking a step forward…..

All across the globe be it US, be it UK, be it India or be it Australia, there is one thing which is common all around called PEOPLE. But among these people there is a set of extraordinary people whom we call as the SUCCESSFUL ones.

It is a well acclaimed fact that this lot of people whom we call as Successful are the people who are famous, remembered, unique or among the richest of all in the world. This is quite an unsurprising fact that every human being on this earth wants to be part of this elite group of people. In process to achieve it, everybody is doing their bit of things called KARMA. But yet, only a few of them are able to nominate themselves for being the part of this extraordinary league of people and yet very few among them are the winners to enter in the most wanted elite group. Why everybody whosoever is doing KARMA is not successful?

Why is the service class men working everyday is not successful? Why is the farmer yielding the land everyday is not rich? Why a teacher teaching in school is not among the famous people? Well, everybody is doing their KARMA, why they aren’t the successful ones or the richer ones or among the famous people in this world? What is the thing which is stopping them?

Yes, all of us know one thing from our holy books which says “KARM KIYA JA, PHAL KI CHINTA MAT KAR” means as a human being we should keep on doing our karma without thinking of its results. But do we really know the exact meaning of it. Does that mean a labor who is working day and night for his earning, should keep on doing it? Will that make him rich any day? Well the answer to this simple question is only “NO”, this will never going to happen.

We are mistaken in understanding the real meaning of KARMA. KARMA certainly does not mean just doing it but the real meaning is to do it a bit more than what we are currently doing. KARMA is to take a step forward in our lives and to do a thing which will make us a better person what we are today. KARMA is to understand our weaknesses and to work towards improving it for the betterment. KARMA is working out things to make our dreams come true!!!

Once we know the correct KARMA which we need to perform, we need not worry about the results and it only becomes a matter of time when our KARMA pays off. Now this is a situation when the holy lines saying “KARM KIYA JA, PHAL KI CHINTA MAT KAR” should be remembered with the feeling of honesty and grief. Let our KARMA move our life forward in the correct direction of our goal of life.