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Sunday, June 26, 2011


Hello dear friends, I’m delighted to inform you that I’ve started a new social project. The project is called “I BLOG FOR A CAUSE”. I’ve done some initial work and I’m able to bring up the website, the facebook page and the twitter account for this very special social endeavor.

This is a unique project of its kind where I’m trying to bring together people who are either working for some social cause or trying to find one in which they can get involved. Most importantly, it will help all you bloggers to exercise the power of your words for something really very useful that can make a huge difference to this society. It will help everyone to achieve the primary goal of spreading the word and give you the satisfaction of being socially responsible.
What is “I Blog For A Cause”?

IBlog For A Cause” is a social project that provides bloggers to showcase their Social Responsibility. Everyone supports one or more social cause, everyone tries to make a difference, but that is not enough. We need a platform and a solid network of like minded people. “I Blog For A Cause” is a community where you can share a cause that you support and where the fellow members will help each other to spread the word. Just imagine how easy it becomes to spread the message when there are people who are as serious about a social cause as you are.
How it works?

This is very simple, all you need to do is just write a blog post about the cause you support. You can give web links, pictures, picture links etc anything that you feel will help you in your cause. All the blog posts will have the sharing gadgets using which the readers can simply share it across the social media and over the internet. Moreover, we “I BLOG FOR A CAUSE” already has a FacebookPage and a twitter account where the links to all the posts will be published regularly.

What post you can write?

You can write anything and everything about the cause that you are supporting. You can write about any NGO, Institution or Non Profit Organization that you are involved with. You can write about any social campaign that you are part of or you want to initiate. The fundamental idea is- “think social, be socially responsible and spread the word”.  
You can also find three sample posts on the below link-
How can you support it?

This is again very simple, all you need to do is just send the post you want to publish on via an email at- Make sure you send the links, pictures etc along with your content so that we can publish as you desire. The most important thing you can do to support it is by "following" us simply by being a "follower" on, by liking our facebook page and by following us on twitter (@iblog4acause). Lastly, "share" the posts as much as possible so that the sole purpose of spreading the word is met. Also, please make sure to hash the posts while you share at twitter by mentioning #iblog4acause.

Without your support I BLOG FOR A CAUSE cannot be successful, so I request you to be part of it, and make a useful contribution to the society by using the power of your words. Remember, together we all can make a difference!!