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Sunday, November 6, 2011


I'm not amazed by my inclination towards any sort of good music despite the fact I do not understand the exact translation of the lyrics. I don't just judge the music with its video or its lyrics, I feel it and if something really strikes a chord, I just keep on listening to it.

How do you feel? Do you really care about the place or the meaning of the music? Again, "meaning" is a very relative term, but still I've met few people who think music without a meaningful lyrics is a waste of time. Au contraire for me, music is about getting the hang of it, if there is something, be it anything, in the song that appeals me, I'll stick to it.

I'm not a musician or an artist so I do not go into the technicality of it, but I hear it with an open heart. Open Heart? I listen to music not to critic it or not to understand what the musician is trying to convey rather I try to decode the reception in my own ways. If in the process, I'm able to connect to a song, I mostly like it otherwise I don't. One may argue that may be the musician created the music with a different intent and I've completely failed in my reception of that intent, but does it matter? May be a little bit, but I guess not to me. Though, I strongly feel if the intent of musician and my reception of the music is the same then certainly that musician is a very great artist, after all he showcased a great skill of expressing himself exactly in the same manner to his audience as he really wanted to.

Sometimes, I search for music as per my mood. If I want to hear soul music, I may search over the internet and listen to various songs. If I want to hear something motivational, I do the same. I do not just go after the artist whom I've heard about rather I believe in knowing the artist after exploring its music. I sometimes get really confused when somebody asks me about my favorite musician, because of my exploratory nature it not that I like only the music of one of the artists rather I like so many songs from different artists. Also, it is not like if I love a piece of music I'll always love it whenever you play it; there are not many pieces of music that I love whenever they are played. Of course, whatever are there, they are probably the ones I love the most :P

My tryst with music is at my heart. I love it what I love, and it is irrespective of the fact who the artist or the musician is.

So, how do you guys feel about your music? What you like?

I was surfing over the internet when I found this piece of amazing music- the "YEHA NOHA" song by SACRED SPIRIT. This do not understand anything in this song except that I loved the music.
I googled and found the translation of the song- It is a "Native American" translation for this song: Let us eclipse the the sun and the moon with our spiritual and emotional being, and let us transcend these physical barriers and negativity which have made us a nation of one. May the winds of time put into motion this feeling we share with our Mother Earth and this universe till the end of time. May the creator bestow upon us a grand sense of unity and peace which we will continue to pass on to our people, wherever they reside.

Simply Divine !!

Here is the song-