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Saturday, May 12, 2012


I've been living in Hyderabad since my first job in the year 2006, and no doubt I fell in love with this amazing city from day 1. There is something really special about the Hyderabad, it is not like other metropolitan cities in India, but has its own aura.The people, the culture and the food of Hyderabad makes it stand out among all the Indian cities. Simply Mesmerizing !!

All these years while I've been staying in Hyderabad, I've seen the city grow by leaps and bounds. Unfortunately, when a city grows there are few infrastructural problems such as traffic etc. as well. Despite the growing traffic, Hyderabad is still far better than Mumbai, Delhi or Bangalore. Intermingled into the Nizaami thaath (aka style) and the telugu style, Hyderabad offers variety of stuffs, be it foods, clothing, languages, in short Hyderabad is a mix of a lot together. A true example of multicultural and diverse India, Hyderabad truly rocks.

Personally and professionally, I've achieved a lot in the city of Nizaams, and I bet, you will just love every single day you spend in this extraordinary city. One day, I just realized that Hyderabad has given so much to me, I should also do something for it. Hence, here it is- CITYHYD.INFO !!

I decided to create a website for Hyderabad city- CITYHYD.INFO. CITYHYD.INFO is Hyderabad’s 1st and only city guide that impartially lists the best of the shops, restaurants, art galleries, museums, eat-outs, pubs, night clubs, resorts, places of interest, and many other relevant categories (50+ categories), which will not only make your stay at ease in the city of Nizaams, but also blissful. CITYHYD.INFO presents the best of what Hyderabad offers.

In short, if you are in Hyderabad, I bet, we have the best in class of what you are looking for on CITYHYD.INFO !!

I want you to check the website and share your feedback, I'm really excited about the CITYHYD.INFO :)

Also, you can also follow CITYHYD.INFO on Facebook and Twitter.

Hope you like it, Cheers ;)

PS. We will talk about CITYHYD.INFO and its special features in some other post, but before that you can always explore all by yourself on the website.