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Wednesday, October 13, 2010



What makes an effective leader? This is a very important question that we hear almost everyday in our life. Yet, the answers we get are mostly bookish and unrealistic as a result we keep on diverting ourselves from this very significant question.

I’ve have been reading a lot of stuff about Robin Sharma these days. Robin Sharma is a renowned writer of the famous book- ‘The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari’. Sharma was recently the guest speaker in one of the B-School in Switzerland where he explained his views about the leadership. For Robin Sharma- ‘leadership comes from an inner sense of who you really are’. Sharma pointed out that “our performance on the outside is a reflection of what is going inside”.

Sharma insists, the great essence of leadership is the quality of positively inspiring creativity in others, and that requires developing one’s inner self. “We can’t celebrate another human being unless we have first celebrated ourselves”. “We must have great ideas inside to have great ideas in our work.”

I was really impressed with one thing in particular that Sharma said- great leadership is tied to who you are as a person, rather than to your official position. He advised executives to become “rock stars” at work, and finally to awaken the inner leader in themselves.

As per Sharma, The best leaders share 7 basic characteristics:
- They are ridiculously good at what they do
- They are ferociously curious.
- They balance the artist with the engineer.
- They leave most other people better off.
- They prefer marathons to sprints.
- They edit and then amplify.
- And finally, their “video is in sync with their audio.” In other words, they don’t just talk a good line, they deliver on what they promise.

One other very interesting thing that Sharma said was- we should ideally wake up early in the morning to strategize and plan our day. Ben Franklin used to say it: “There is plenty of time to sleep when you are dead.” Superior performance invariably requires rehearsal. “How can you be the Madonna of manufacturing, or the Mozart of management, if you don’t practice ahead of time?“ Sharma asked.

I suggest everyone to follow what the great Robin Sharma has said and make a significant difference to your life.

PS- For those who missed my first audio post here is a better one. Hope you will enjoy the audio, do share your thoughts about it.  

Sunday, October 10, 2010


Hello ladies and gentlemen, its been a while since this idea has been scrolling through my mind and finally, I have implemented it. Yes, I have just created my very first audio blog post !!!

No kidding, you got to hear my voice now :-) :-), its not the best of voice, but I guess it should be manageable. I admit that it's not the best of the audio/video that one would ideally want, but with the limited resources and zero experience this is what I could manage for the first time. 

The content that I'm speaking in the video is actually one of my older posts- SELF BELIEF OR LIE. I really like experimenting new things, and even though I'm NOT a native English speaker still I don't shy away lending my voice and sharing with the world. After all, what I want is- my thoughts reach to people and I can get their reactions, this is the only way- We share and we learn!!

I'm excited to know your views about it, You like it? You hate it? Ok Ok?.....
PS. Please feel free to share your thoughts, criticism highly welcome :-)