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Monday, December 29, 2008

Is India The Most Racial Country in the World ??

India is the seventh-largest country by geographical area, the second-most populous country, and the largest democracy in the world.

Languages spoken:
India is a multilingual society with 22 principal languages recognized by the constitution. Hindi is the language of a large percentage of people (38 per cent), while English is the preferred business language.

Major religions:
Majority are Hindus, with a significant number are Muslims, Christians, Sikhs, Buddhists and others.
India is the seventh-largest country by geographical area, the second-most populous country, and the largest democracy in the world.

Individual mother tongues in India number several hundred; the 1961 census recognized 1,652.

India is a federal republic of twenty-eight states and seven Union Territories.

If anybody in the world see all these staggering facts and figures, would say – “O MY GOD”!!!
Leave the whole world aside together on one side and we have India on the other, the Mother of all, which is huge and vastly diverse.
I m sure every single Indian is as proud as me of all these astonishing figures and facts about India’s diversity and most importantly, this is how we project ourselves to the outside world. We showcase, we are the most diverse country of the world where we have such a huge multicultural and multi-lingual pool of people, which you cannot find in any other country in the world.
India is undoubtedly, the flavor of the world where every 100 kilometers you will find yourself in the different heaven. You will not just find the changes geographically but you will witness a difference in the language, the clothing, the food, the architectural changes in the buildings/housings and the people. If someone decides to go from northern most tip of India towards the southern most end of India, he would have so much to narrate to his grand children’s that even this life will be short for him.
But this is how whole world look to us, this is how India is known at the highest level but how about this--->
Whenever a south Indian moves to the north of India, he becomes the cynosure of jokes, mockery and vice-versa it’s the same. Why at the work place we try to find people from our native to form our group or friend circle? Why we discriminate each other on the basis of religion, languages and geographies? Why we try to show our culture more superior to the others? Why we want our local language to gain the heritage status as comparison to other languages? Why we say that we are only going to give jobs to the people of our state and we will beat the hell out of the others?

Well, I can give hundreds of such reasons which had made me think in the contrary i.e. the very fact of being the Most DIVERSE country in the world which used to make me proud is now becoming the curse of my country. I know, we have this habit of moving away from all things by putting the blame on the politics and on our great political leaders but come on, its us who are selecting them, we are the largest Democracy in the world, isn’t it ??
It’s really a sad fact that India’s National Language is Hindi and the official language is English. Ok leave both of these languages and taking all other languages into account, is there a single language on which we can be dependent and go anywhere in our country with people understanding it? Sadly the answer is BIG NO!!
Politics and corruption has got so much into the system, that shameful incidents like what has happened in Maharashtra took place where we started ourselves discriminating not on the basis of Hindu – Muslims which has been our story since 1947 but now its within Hindu’s itself, only Marathi’s can work there. This awful state of our politics could be because of the bad politicians but you have to see the fact that with every good or bad politician there is always an ample amount of support, who is none other than the COMMON MAN of India.
The corruption has increased so much in our system that a police man will ignore a person not wearing a helmet having a vehicle of same state but will stop the outsider, in the hope of getting bribed. But again who bribe them, it’s us again.
The whole country has been divided in so many criteria’s that it has become tough sometimes to find the reason of conflict.
We have to inculcate the feeling of integrity and only “INDIAN-NESS” in ourselves. We have to work together with each other with only one feeling i.e. of “ONE NATION AND SAME PEOPLE” rather than ONE NATION AND DIFFERENT PEOPLE.
It’s the time when we wake-out of this sinful era of trauma and discrimination, be it on the basis of gender, religion, caste, culture or region. If we want ourselves to live a peaceful happy life and grow, than we have to mature with the feeling of “ONE INDIA”….and may we wish our nation to be a world super power soon….because country’s people are its strength.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Only Mantra to success -SELF MANAGEMENT

Today, when I see life, I can find two ways of looking into it. First one is a life which is free of worries, less of hard work, full of short term joys and filled with uncontrolled happenings. But the other one, which is the tougher of its kind in existent, is filled with dedication, full of hard work, ample of self control, a lot of sacrifices and demands a huge amount of planning and the most important factor called self management. On contrary, the second one which looks like a more dracunian side of life is actually the kind of life which brings more warmth of joy, long term success and most importantly, the feeling of immense satisfaction above which nothing counts.

I seriously have realized it that to be successful in one’s life it demands no less than a good amount of self criticism, a large self control, a strong self belief backed with strong will power for hard work and a well planned self managed life. The rule is simple and its universal, which says – “There is no short cut to success”. I remember while I was in my school, just outside the main building there was a big green lawn and a board was kept there with the words,“There is no short cut to success”, encrypted over it. At that time I use to understand it in an offensive way and use to think if that’s a trick by the gardener to not let everybody through the beautiful lawn. But with the growing age and maturity, and with a better vision and understanding, I have understood the meaning of that boarding completely.

Today when I see success, I only try to find the path what it took me or somebody who became successful to attain it and unanimously I found out that for none it was a cake walk and for all it was a sheer hard work, dedication, passion and their self implemented self managed life which took them not just a step but good 100’s of miles ahead of the competition. I think each individual is alike and unique in all aspects of life. Be it the nature or intelligence or anything, every human is so different that one cannot just copy the way other person in their lives have traced the golden path to success. Also, I believe only it’s the individual itself who can only chalk out its plan and go ahead with it. Yes, of course there is no harm in deriving the ideas of the most successful people in this world or of your role models but what is utmost important is how you can chalk out your best plan which suits you the best? Its only us who knows ourselves the best and only we can handle ourselves the most appropriate way so its require to plan accordingly and manage yourself best to the task you are up to.

I have a strong belief that all the B-schools in the world besides making all the B-school grads industry polished, most strongly work on inculcating the best Self Managing techniques within the individual so that an individual can attain an ability to everything in their life. Of course, the one who has done everything in life will be on the more happier side of life because the individual will have a feeling that he has not missed out on anythingJ. And logically, if an individual is not a good Self Manager then how can we expect the individual to grow as successful manager or a great leader.

One has to chalk out his or her plan of life better sooner than later if at all they want to be successful. It’s the Self Management which can only lead them to life which they dreamt of and an individual has to believe that “The Juice is worth a squeeze

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Duckworth/Lewis method explained

Well believe it or not this method is something been cricket's hidden mystery for long and never ending puzzle for both the cricket followers as well as cricketers themselves. So, i found some source on how it works in brief.Have a look at this strange yet so popular way fo getting results in the Rain-cut/delayed ODI's.

The Duckworth-Lewis method, which is used for revising targets in abridged ODIs, is an intricate solution — certainly the best at the moment — to a complex problem. The Hindu attempts to throw light on it by answering some of the key questions:

What principle does the method work on?

The D/L method works on the basis that teams have two resources to make runs with: the number of overs to be bowled and the number of wickets in hand. From any point in an innings, a team’s ability to make further runs depends on a combination of both resources.

When a match is shortened, the resources of one or both teams are affected. The D/L method sets targets based on the relative resources available to the teams.

Why does the team batting second sometimes have to score more runs than the team batting first in the same number of overs? Why for instance was England chasing 198 in the fourth ODI at Bangalore and not India’s 166?
Duckworth and Lewis, who have answered a series of frequently answered questions on the ICC’s website, say: “When the interruption occurs during the first innings, so that the match is shortened to one of fewer overs per side than it was at its start, Team 1 (side batting first) are usually more disadvantaged than Team 2 (side batting second). Before the stoppage they had been pacing their innings in the expectation of receiving say 50 overs and would not have taken the risks of scoring as fast as they would have done had they known their innings was to be shortened.

“Team 2, on the other hand, know from the start of their innings that they have the reduced number of overs and can pace their entire innings accordingly. Team 2 are set a higher target to compensate Team 1 for this disadvantage.”

Why does the team batting second sometimes have to score fewer runs than the side batting first in the same number of overs when the first innings is interrupted?

Duckworth and Lewis say that their method “makes appropriate allowance for the comparative resources lost by the stoppage” during first-innings interruptions. They explain with the following example: “Suppose Team 1 started well in the style of the renowned Sri Lankan 1996 World Cup winning team but the wheels fell off and they were 150/9 in 30 of the 50 overs. On average Team 1 would be all out shortly, leaving Team 2 to score at the rate of around 3 per over for their full 50 overs.

“If rain interrupted play at this point and 19 overs were lost per side, then on the resumption Team 1 would have only one over to survive and their run rate would then be close to 5 per over. By all the ‘old’ methods, for 31 overs also, Team 2 would have to score around 150, around 5 per over, to win — in other words Team 1 would have been greatly advantaged by the rain interruption changing a required scoring rate of 3 per over to 5 per over for Team 2.

“By the D/L method, this advantage to Team 1 would be neutralised so that the target for Team 2 would be well below 150 in this circumstance, and fairly so, which maintains the advantage Team 2 had earned before the stoppage.

“In other words, and quite logically, Team 2 have to get fewer runs than Team 1 scored to win in the same number of overs.”

Is a computer needed to determine targets in international matches?

The Standard Edition of the D/L method — in use before 2004 — needed no more than a calculator and a set of tables that listed the resources remaining. The calculations required to arrive at the target were performed by consulting the tables.

A criticism of the Standard Edition was its use of a quantity known as G50, the average score in a one-day match. Critics claimed that G50 would differ from ground to ground. The Professional Edition, which is used in international cricket these days, doesn’t have the G50. But it requires a computer program.

For more information on the D/L method, including worked examples of revising targets, visit To read Duckworth and Lewis’s FAQ, go to Reference from

--Vivek Nanda

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Is Performance No More A Criteria For Promotions??

This is one trend which i m noticing in the industry for sometime when i joined my very first job that is seeing people not getting promoted even after working so hard and performing very good.At initial part of my professional life i was wondering that perhaps there is more expected out of them to get to the most expected fruitful promotion or there is a stiff competition which has left them out this time and next time it will be there day of glory.But soon i have felt these decisions taking in alot of factors in the notion to device the most wanted path for promotion for an individual other than PERFORMANCE.I believe there are multiple parameters on which a person should be rated and then only with successful evaluation he or she can be promoted or given a hike but within these all parameters the "P" word, yes the "P" for "PERFORMANCE" should be the main word in the individual's evaluation sheet.Sadly, i have seen a bit too much around me here and there which is diminishing my confidence that the most wanted-- "Performance" is loosing its sheen.There are multiple reasons why we see this in industry some people must see them as justified but mostly will feel bullied with it.

No, i m not at all blaming to the good old classical reason of all this mishaps called "Politics" somehow this has become a very known factor and the mother of all reasons which causes the unavoidable surprises of injustice.But for the moment with the discussion over here i m just keeping it aside and would want to discuss other curses in the path of promotions.The most significant reason which the firm's are taking into account is to retain the employee, to cut down the attrition.I would clearly agree there is alot of attrition in the IT sector but companies should never ever try to retain all of its employee which also includes the non performing lot. The black cloud of attrition on the firms head should not hide the low performing employees and the firm should strickly not try to retain such people. Thats a good thing that company is not firing every now and then but at the same time firms need not be overcautious of giving good hikes or promotions to non-performing people.I seriously have felt that in a team if at all the managers are not awarding the promotions to the actual result oriented people of the team, the team starts dis-integrating. If at all the manager have moved away from the "PERFORMANCE" factor in delegating his budget for hikes than its the team in the first place who gets to know that its not the performing people who have got the hike.Once, such trend is induced in the team even the non-performing member of the team starts expecting it because he knows that its not just performance.Its a clear cut fact, a manager cannot promote or give good hikes to all his team members at once but this wrong feeling being inculcated has set every members sight on manager's only positive feedback.Its a human nature everybody knows about himself or herself that how much contributions they are making with the real work, even a lier knows that even though he might be saying that he did work but deep inside he knows there are other people who have done well and they deserve it.If he does not get good hike as compared to those people thats pretty much acceptable.

The old experience enriched folks in the team are the major pillars of the team since their experience lends great support to the team. But a manager should never make them the curse of their teams as and when they start becoming non-performing, managers need to show them the red flag.Since its a team and everyone has to do their part. All members of the team cannot perform at equal scale of efficiency but everyone atleast is required to fulfill their alloted stuff.Some bad playing managers have developed a strategem of playing on the patience of the employee working under them.The strategy is to find the happy go lucky or never complaining but working people of the team and not giving them good hikes or promotions to them until they get frustrated with it and make a foul cry to their manager.Frankly, speaking this is the worst play in industry despite performing and performing consistently, is not assuring success or promotions.The effects of this are only bad for the manager and the firm.
--Vivek Nanda

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Wow...its been 1 complete year to my freedom of expressions which i have shared, enjoyed and received in the form of my own space, my own domain, with none other than the very own BLOG of mine.

Yes, thanks to my most lovable company "Google" which i just don't admire but adore to the bottom of my heart for not just giving the world d-best search engine on the Internet today but also giving me my very own space to express myself, to share my thoughts, my things and the real me with the people in this beautiful all information Internet world. Truly, i could have got my blog-space on any other website but the way google had it, was something really different and every now n than i keep on discovering some or the other new super classic and yet so fruitful feature on it which is indeed so fabulous.In short i was mesmerised with the innovation and the beauty of it to that extent where it was no stopping back but to head start my very own first public blog. Yes, trust me the feeling of anything like this is no less than opening a new start up company.
Well, for me it started exactly one year ago when the world got bitten by the discovery of the new virtual space in the universe called BLOGOSPHERE. Though i don't know exactly about the history of blogs but what i know is this, that this thing was really picking up its pace really fast sometimes in the mid of year 2007, of course i m talking about India. I know i always want to write stuff, i enjoyed writing sonnets and the Indian version of haiku's during my schooling years but later during my engineering i had completely lost the creative side of me i confess, which certainly hurted me alot because this was one creative stuff which use to give me immense pleasure. But past is past and once i was settled with the initial phase of my software engineering job i started writing poems in my laptop. But still the blog was sometime away from being published.
It was November of 2007, when i discovered that its high time i stop killing my very innovative talent and launch it in a bigger better way.By that time the Internet was already flooded with thousands of blogs and i knew it ...That its high time for me to publish my thoughts for the very first time to my friends and to the people on the Internet, since i decided to make my blog searchable on googles search engine. It just took me hardly ten minutes to decide the name of my blog-- PARAGONIST which again was associative to me or my nature to be perfect. The perfectionist it meant and it was again the real expression of me.
And finally, here it was i was writing my very first poem on my blog that too inspired by the love of my life whom i recently got engaged. After that i wrote many a thoughts, many a expressions, many a opines of mine which i felt and shared with everybody on the Internet. Truly, all this complete one year when i was still learning the art of writing, the art of blogging i enjoyed every bit of it and sometimes with special comments by the people or sometimes with true criticism which is only making me a better BLOGGER day by day. Its been one complete year for my very first blog and i m so happy that its the very first HAPPY BIRTHDAY of MY BLOG which has always given me so much of pleasure and most importantly kept the creative side of me very very alive.....Cheers :-)
-- Vivek Nanda

Sunday, November 9, 2008


Yes I believed, it worked and most importantly its still working....That's what the secret is doing to me. OK, before i tell what it is and how its working, let me tell you how i got to know it. It was sometimes back and as usual when i was at home on vacations and my best friend (actually more than a best friend if there is some synonym in the dictionary) told me about a movie called The Secret, he told me the movie was amazing and it highlighted some of the simplest things in one's life, if followed, can change whole life.As always our habit of sharing all the experiences of our lives and especially to prompt each other to do the good, if one experienced it himself, helped me get to know about this movie. So, here it was, i was searching the Internet to find out this movie and load it to my life to change my whole life which was indeed very very messy sometimes back before i saw the Secret.
Finally on one good Sunday i found it. I saw the movie and it was just another movie which was presented in an extraordinary fashion and truly speaking i was like feeling the positive vibes as i was watching it. Since, than alot has changed in my life. Initially, it took me sometime to follow it and frankly speaking sometimes even now i feel it really difficult to go with it but since it has ripen the positivity in my life and this never ending la-affair keeps me running high on positive thoughts.
Well the movie is based on a book called The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. Its nothing but thinking the positive all the times and most importantly to wish whatever you can wish in your life but with only condition of never ever prevailing the negative thoughts of not getting it filled. But this is not at all as easier as it been said. Its very obvious that if i think of getting something which i want in my life so badly, along with the feeling of getting it i surely get more thoughts of -- will i be able to get it or how will i get it, its impossible or there are so many problems in getting it and it goes on and on...
And as its been told in the book and as its very rightly been shown in the movie that even though there could be thousands of reasons for not getting that most wanted thing of my life i m going to think one thing that is-- I Want This Thing and I m going to get it soon....that's it, that's the only thing i m going to do. But for an instance if i feel that-- No, i cant get that thing because of ..... than that vary instance, all that what i want is gone because to get a thing it requires first to convince yourself that you can get it, if you are not honest to yourself that you can get it than you can never get it.
I know its very hard to do all these things and very foolish to believe that this will work out at all. But the truth is -- it will and it surely will. Only thing you need to do is to be positive to what you want in life and be 100% confident that you are going to get it somehow.I will advise everybody to read the book or see the movie and try to inculcate the small small things written in the book or shown in the movie in their lives and to make their life in the way They Want it and to suffice their pursuit to happiness.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Terrorism...Is there a SOLUTION ??

No matter what you do, no matter where you stay,no matter what are you doing in your life, no matter how much you are bothered about the happenings in and around you but still its so hard to take away your family, your children, your lover and your soul away from the scariest of the word in the dictionary called TERRORISM !!!

I may be Albert Einstein, I may be Graham Bell, I may be the Steve Jobs or Bill Gates, I may be the richest of the person on this Planet but still I dont have answer to the biggest problem of the world, which has become so unavoidable and unstoppable in the recent times, yes I dont have answer to TERRORISM. I may be studying in Oxford or I may be doing a research in MIT or I may be working in Google or I may be signing the Nuclear Treaty in the World Conference but my disgrace is I would still dont know when and where can I be hit with the anonymous tornado of terrorism.

When I was born and as I grew up, I never knew who the terrorist was ?? If at all I got to know, I never used to pay attention to it as it was really of a mere attention at that time. But at present, what I see and what this world has changed into has only a sorrow story to tell, the story of 9/11, the story of Taliban, the story of Mumbai(India) attacks.

I dont know why the agenda's of political parties still hovers around Poverty, Unemployment, Education or SC/ST reservations and why not its about TERRORISM. The pity is, for all such problems you can see and analyse the problem, and you can come up with a solution to it but how about TERRORISM? Do we have any certain formula for it? Well the answer is an obvious BIG NO!!

I sometimes really feel pity on the great nations of the world, the reasons why I m saying so are numerous. We are hit by floods, we are hit by eathquakes, we are hit by train accidents, we are hit by road accidents but we can come over it all. At an individual level we may lose our job, we may have no money, we may have so many bucket full of problems in everybody's life but for all these problems we are aware and we are facing it because of some reasons, which we either know or we may get to know in sometime but how about TERRORISM. Even now we are unable to understand why a Terrorist attack happened or what was the terrorist's intention, he killed everybody and got killed in the end. Do I know why my relative or my friend or somebody's wife or somebody's daughter died because of Terrorism ....No No No!!
We never have the answer to this "Why".

We can give huge money to our cricketers, who hit 6 sixes or won us a match against any country but how about an eyewitness child, who helped us drew the portrait of the terrorist who ran away. What about the common people who dont even know eachother at that worst moment of life their lives, who kept on holding the injured and helped them shift to the hospitals. Leave the money, the situation is so bad that we cant even gurantee the police protection to the eyewitnesses. Thank God people have humanity still alive in them, which pushes them to help people in such crisis circumstances.

Even though, how much I praise our people or how much I take pride in insulting our government or the system but in the end, when I think who are the actual catalysts for all those inhumane, barbaric, heartless acts, I go in dilemma of what I was thinking about our people because after all who is a TERRORIST? He is born among us only, he is a part of this society only.

I m scared and I m even more worried because I dont see a solution to what is happening and how to stop it. In my mind, soul and heart I know I have to stop the Terrorism but what is the answer?

Is there a solution to terrorism? Is there any solution?

Friday, June 20, 2008


I m in US and while i was shopping around in Reebok store i found a cool shoes. It was none other than but the PUMP Technology in footwears.I thought it will be very costly but to my surprise it was very decent i.e. $60 only and there was some scheme going so i got it more cheaper and of $43 (INR 1844/--).

Believe me the looks are really mesimerising and technology is even more awesome.I can bet you, its worth buying. To make you feeel what you are missing i m attaching the pics too !!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Finally i got my Converse Today :-)
Well well thank GOD finally i got it !!! Yes today i got my converse..till the time i saw them those were in my eyes as always, infact for the last 8 months i been trying to find one and goodness gracious i m so delighted at last. They are Red and red not for danger but for love ;-).It was not that difficult actually to buy one but sometimes few small things which you really want keeps you eluding and i guess this was one of them.I surely want to upload few pics of my red-hot converse shoes...but no camera today. Soooooon i get them uploaded... !!!

Monday, March 3, 2008

I collapsed to reborn . . .

I collapsed to reborn . . .

Living life king size, it was me.
Happiness all around, it was me the cynosure.
Ebullient, people used to call me.
I was poised, I was confident.
I was fealty(loyal), I was fruitful.
No doubt it was the best of me.

But one day it all ended.
Something happened which I never expected,
It was so gauche I never thought in my weirdest of thoughts.
Shattered were the dreams for which I was living. .
I lost interest in all Me, Myself and Life !!!

Never in my life I felt, I was so weak,
But then this was it, I indeed was !!
Somehow I revealed, something
about me which I needed to know.

For every consequence there is a reason
And this time I somehow wanted to ignore it.
The reason itself was so impeccable,
That I never wanted it to be the reason. . .
But deep inside, I knew it was The Reason.

Why it happened, how it happened ..
All kind of questions were erupting in my mind.
But I was clueless and yet I was
supporting the dilemma which caused it.

Surprisingly, the reason for reason to happen was making me happy.
This is something which shocked me and gave me shivers.
This was not me, I cant be like that . .
But the unlike me was only me and
I was supporting the reason of my collapse . .

As the reason happened, I unleashed one more power of me.
It was the real me, the power was - -
Being happy and importantly Seeing others happy.
This made me flamboyant enough to overcome my weakness
And as they say it - - after every dark night there is a sunny morning !!

The universe started sending me the signals again . .
It was of happiness, harmony and peace, all returned to me.
I bounced back, for sure with more powers
And of course, with new zealot to conquer the world again.
I knew, I m reborn !!

The enigma was over. The swindle of life was over.
I have new reasons this time . .
But not for collapse but for re-incarnation.
The re-incarnation, the rebirth of happiness . .
The birth of joy. . .!!

--- I M BACK ;-)
(Vivek Nanda)