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Saturday, February 12, 2011


Hey all, its been a while since I posted a health related article over here. So, I thought why not mention few things that can help you reduce weight without exercise.

Ok, here you go-

1. Swap white bread for brown or whole wheat breads.

2. Make a public declaration on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter etc about what you eat. This is a great motivation because your friends and followers will keep you pushing for your diet by asking about it :)....tricky haaan :) :)

3. Very Important: Have breakfast and never skip it. Once again "Dont Skip Breakfast"!!

4. Stay Hydrated; Many a times we make a mistake of feeling thirsty as being hungry. Keep sipping in water throughout the day time. Minimum 2 litres of water is essential for an average sized body.

5. Cut out the Sugar in your Tea and Coffee. Just five cups of Tea or Coffee can add upto 500 calories, awwwww.....!!

6. Eat fruit, dont drink it. All the juices have caloried and its better to stick with natural sources like fresh fruits.

7. Eat eggs in the breakfast. A study shows that eggs trigger a hormone that helps suppress hunger and you will end up eating less for the rest of the day.

8. Eat more short meals. Eat five meals rather than three larger meals a day. You should not go too long without food.

Take Care and Stay Fit.