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Friday, March 26, 2010


Anyone who heard the word GREEN will only imagine the color green as first thing or may be visualize the green plants and trees, and believe me I was no different when I heard it for the first time. In fact, it turned out to be very hilarious when I witnessed an event organized in the suburb to support the Green Society, and all the participants made a point to wear a complete green colored clothes-line during the event. Yes, people literally turned to green for this big event, but the event was nothing more than a gimmick by a local NGO and it just turned out to be an enjoyable tea party for all the participants. Ironically, everything was discussed among the participants except the real word called- ‘Green’, and to make things even worst there were plastics spread all over the party area in the forms of plastic glasses and plastic plates. Plastic, which is a non-biodegradable product, made all the things look even less green. No body even once talked about the renewable sources of energy or how to convert waste to energy, disheartening but it is only the reality.

Green is not just a word but there is a complete ideology behind it. Green has been traditionally used to symbolize ‘Nature’, it has become a symbol of environmentalism. Something that is related to the preservation of nature or environment is considered as Green and pretty much a proponent of the so called Green Revolution. Then, there are Green jobs associated to the word Green, these are normally called the Green Collared jobs by the UN environment program. Work in agriculture, manufacturing, R&D, administrative, and all other activities that contribute to preserving and restoring the environment quality are considered Green a.k.a. Green Jobs. These green jobs have given birth to a large number of alternate energy resources that not only have produced various renewable energy sources but also a large number of opportunity fuels. All the green work has been so phenomenon that there is a huge amount of waste to energy conversion daily in the world now.

Like all the various other sectors, the green industry is a special need to focus on. The market for green industry is so huge that there are tones and millions of ideas that are needed to be implemented to really transform the human life from non-renewable energy sources to renewable energy sources. Unfortunately, there has been a myth associated with this sector and not many people want to build their business in it. Similar lack-luster has been the focus of consumers of such services, but taking this initiative to an all new level are companies like N-Viro International Corporation. N-Viro develops and licenses its technology to municipalities and private companies, and there was no surprise when Robertson Stephens, Raymond James, Oppenheimer & Co., and Paine Webber had reported that N-Viro made sales in excess of $40 millions since its initial public offering in Oct of 1993. The company came up with its new innovative patented ideas and mastered the evolution of alternate energy sources and the renewable energy sources with the help of clean coal and opportunity fuels. Indeed, the people around the world need such services.

There is a big demand of low-pollution fuels that can replace ordinary gasoline. These are alternate energy fuels, including gasoline, natural gas and LPG. Biofuels are becoming essential as they are renewable and they are driven by the factors such as oil prices spikes and the need for increased energy security. Waste-to-energy or energy-from-waste is the process of creating energy in the form of electricity or heat from the incineration of waste source, its high time when the world start thinking very seriously about such methodologies. With the increasing demand and high consumption the day is not that far when there will be scarcity of all the sources of energy and then it will be too late to look for alternate energy source or renewable sources of energy, there will be hardly any opportunity fuels and people will starve or fight for the limited resources whatever may be available. It’s better to turn green sooner than later. Let us think of conserving whatever energy sources we have and do it soon!!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


It's really important to understand and be really clear about your goal of doing the exercises first, one should be absolutely crystal clear about what he or she is trying to achieve by doing all the physical activities? Once, you know exactly in which direction you want to transform you body then you have to plan for your fitness schedule. Regularity is the most important thing in attaining your fitness goals but at the same time it is the most difficult thing to persist with. One should just not feel motivated about his or her workout once in a week but it has to happen everyday, only then you can be committed to what you want to achieve. The basic fundamental of fitness is not just working out rigorously everyday but also give your body the complete rest to flourish. Body certainly gets tired and then there are injuries that are caused by over-worked muscles or strains, so its necessary not only to plan your work out days but also the rest days. Most people just plan their workouts and beyond that they don't care, but the ground reality is that that workout is just a part of your whole day and your body is still functioning outside the gymnazium. Hence, think the big picture not just that one or one and a half hour.    

It's really important to understand your body type, if its a little higher on fat kind of body type then the work-out should be comparatively with moderate weights and large number of repetitive sets in contrast to the work out with heavy weights and lesser repetitions, suiting the lean or slim body types.   Body posture while doing any exercise is as critical as any other factor. It becomes all the very more important thing because its your body and you cannot just play with it, there has to be specific body positions and postures while performing any exercise, and its utmost important to maintain proper postures while working out. Once you get into a mode of maintaining the correct body posture, your body becomes more balanced, and this is the stage when you can start experimenting with your workouts. May be you can increase the weights or may be you can increase the repetitions, you can try n number of things you want to try.  

Breathing is another important aspect of workout, its really important to understand when to inhale and when to exhale while you are in full swing of your workout. It also helps a lot to keep the body to normal level by maintaining proper heart rate and the body doesn't get tired soon. It increases the overall body endurance and stamina. Another, important thing is- the intervals. You have to be really smart in taking your breaks between the exercises. The breaks are really important thing- one should not stretch to workout continuously so that he becomes unconscious while doing exercises also one should not take so much breaks that its more rest than exercise. Drinking appropriate quantity of water during the workout is one really important thing. You have to sip through very minimal amount of water while working out, it couldn't be liters of water else it will all come out. Also, one should not die because of dehydration while doing exercises. These are few of the most basic workout practices one should follow during workout but at the same time these are the most important ones too. So, try these things and soon implement them in your fitness schedule. Com'on Go For It and see the results!!  I believe fitness is really important and one should believe in the fact that "Fitness Is For All, Fitness Is For Mankind".

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Pretty much all of us in our lives one day or the other face a situation where we want to do something, which we really want to do and we know it will make a big difference to our lives, but we are strangled into the unforeseen circumstances that stops us from doing it. This is the time where you ask the question- Why me? As a human being we are only aware of what happen to us, we hardly actually know what others are going through, we only see the golden picture around us and we continuously keep on cursing ourselves- Why I don't have that thing in my life?

It's a difficult question to answer why others are living a better life and I m sure you cannot be in a position always to understand everything about the others. Also, its almost impossible to answer- Why you? But what is easier to answer is- how you can transform to what you really want to do despite the hurdles and the unfavorable circumstances. 

At first, the only thought you will have in your mind will be- the escape. Yes, you will feel that you want to escape from the unforeseen circumstances, if you are able to do so then probably thats a good thing to get back to what you want to do, but if you are not then you have to go through it unwillingly. Doing something unwillingly hardly helps, but of course if you are doing it then certainly there is a strong reason behind it for e.g. it could be your job, after all your job is your bread and butter, and you cannot just call it quits and start doing other things. These are the real testing times when you are doing something unwillingly again and again, and every time there will be this question popping out in your mind- When will it get over? You cannot be certain of when it will get over, life is not simple et all but what you can be certain of is how along with this unforeseen circumstances you can make a way for what you really want to do. "Yes, tough, isn't it? But not impossible", this is what you have to say to yourself. Just try to visualize or get in connection to something that makes you realize the importance of that thing again. At that very moment, your heart should feel the importance of what you want, its the perfect catalyst to bring you back to what you probably would have been doing if there wasn't any unforeseen situation. You won't even start doing that thing the very next day initially despite the motivational volcano of thoughts but don't just let it go, stay there, stay connected to what you want and I m sure, you will do it. 

I must say that the situation might not even permit you to still do it, but do not just stop it and throw it away, instead keep pushing it, keep trying, may be in bits and pieces. This process never puts you out of that most important thing, but you will be there always trying to do it again and again, and finally you will notice that you have overcome the tornado and doing exactly what you want. I would want to say just one simple thing in the end that- "Do Not Fear Going Forward Slowly; Fear Only To Stand Still". 

Sunday, March 21, 2010


The message is loud and clear that Facebook is certainly a top contender in the race for the hot spot of being the most popular social networking website. I would scream- "Facebook is clearly a global phenomenon". In my opinion, not only it picked up it's user base in India and Brazil but also it is potentially growing at a great pace in all other countries. Facebook was there for a long time but it was Google's very own Orkut, which came into big league and dominated India. It was a complete new thing for the Indian audiences, something which they have never experienced despite the presence of other social networking websites in what I call as the virtual world(Internet), but Orkut made its mark. Orkut came to India and instantly, it was a big hit. I would say- one of the major reason for Orkut becoming so popular in India was because people were already used to Google through the Gmail and the Google Search Engine that particularly gave Google the platform to market and to launch something new like Orkut. I have to say it was Orkut, which laid the foundation stone of what is called Social Networking Website in India, and it worked big time. People loved the status message concept, the community concept, the sharing of photos and videos, and most importantly the messaging (Scraps- as Google would call it) concept, which actually brought the demise of the e-mails to some extent. Overall, the popularity grew like anything and Orkut became a SUPERHIT!!

Orkut pretty much ruled the social networking arena till the mid of 2009 when all of a sudden there was Facebook explosion in India. By this time, Indian's have mastered the so called concept of Social Networking and thanks to Orkut for it. With Google's Orkut application becoming heavier and heavier day by day, and with new users being added everyday Google server did face performance issues, pretty much making the Google's very own funny line- "NO DONUT FOR YOU", a really irritating and frustrating site to see on the screen. Google did overcome the performance issues but overall it was kind of moratorium period for the users with nothing new coming from Google in terms of features. Meanwhile, Twitter was evolved in India and thank god to all the celebrity hype across the globe, which pulled the attention of the Indian audiences to Twitter. Yes, Twitter's most important factor for growth in India was celebrity presence and of course, celebrities have found a new channel to market and to connect with the common man. Twitter actually made the concept of short status messages popular, though Orkut had the samething but Twitter actually engraved the impact on Indian audiences. After all, Twitter helped the people to express themselves in the shortest possible word limit. Yet there was one thing common between both the Twitter and the Orkut i.e. their privacy strategy. Both the Twitter and the Orkut supported the security/privacy features for the users and that made sure that without user's permission no body can sneak into their internet life. Not a bad thing in terms of giving more security to people but yet conservative.

Facebook was a sudden outburst in India, one of the main reason it grew in popularity so enormously is it's very much belief in the "Public Social Norm". Facebook's founder Zuckerberg says- The Age of Privacy is Over and yes, Facebook has struck the right chord with its relaxed privacy features and has echoed the world of Social Networking with the word "Public". Your name, profile picture, gender, current city, networks, Friends List, and all the pages you subscribe to are now publicly available information on Facebook. This means everyone on the web can see it; it is searchable. Different and yet exciting was the response of public social norm among the Indian users of Facebook. The Indian audiences that matured a lot in the internet world especially the Social Networking Concept(thanks to Orkut and Twitter) loved the Facebook's share all concept the most and started multiplying in numbers to be a part of it. So, what Indian people started witnessing was a social networking website with all the features of Orkut and Twitter backed with better performance, and the vast application bundle, few funny, few crazy and few total non-sense,but yet popular. Facebook was right into the action and started growing in India big time. Seeing at the growing popularity of Facebook, it is pretty much inevitable that Facebook is here to grow and grow big. Already, Facebook has realized the potential user base in India and has planned to open its support center in Hyderabad, India. Overall, its a thumps up to Facebook in India and the verdict is- "Facebook is teasingly hot".