The Very Special People


Wednesday, July 21, 2010


I SPY… I SPY….As soon as you hear these words the good old days of childhood flashes back again in the mind, and you remember the innocent childhood and it’s naive ness. Your heart gets filled with the strong feeling of joy and you feel like playing that  game again, but guess what, the whole world is witnessing this ‘I Spy’ game for long. You might be thinking what the hack I’m talking about, but I’m sure you will agree to me when the revelation happens. Ok, no problem let me give you few hints. These two countries were actually a part of single country before 1947. Any idea? Now? Ok, no problems, there are more hints here. In both the countries there are thousands of innocent people, who die because of violence or some unknown terror attack every year. Yeah, I know you are getting now, isn’t it? Ok, one last shot. Both these countries are in a desperate love with the word called “Kashmir”. Yes, I’m sure you got it this time. I’m talking about India and Pakistan, the two old great ***FRIENDS***!!

 Truly speaking since the time I have started understanding this world, I’m only witnessing the weird “I SPY…I SPY..TILL YOU DIE” game between India and Pakistan, and I’m sure there would be many more generations before my birth who would have witnessed the same. Yes, I’m talking about the “SPY” game that India and Pakistan are playing on the name of “PEACE TALKS” for so long, the game of NOT solving the problem to even a single bit, but merely a favorite past time of the politicians of the era when they have got their tenures of staying at the government quarters on the public expanses. I’m sorry, but I have just said the general statement and I know there have been and there is still a miniature of human-hearted politicians who feels the same pain as I do on witnessing this never ending political drama, and yet with pang in my heart I have to say that those very few ones cannot do much and this is what every single citizen of both these countries thinks.

Betrayal, bloodbaths, violence, bomb-blasts, riots, and any dreadful word against the peace of mankind that comes to your mind have been the main composition of this Indo-Pak saga, but their motives haven’t changed a bit and its clear- “Many will come, many will leave, but we will not stop sucking each others blood, until we clean each other till the apocalypse”. India and Pakistan together are spending approximately $200 billion on their defense budgets in 2010 and mind you these are the unofficial figures so just imagine the actual money that is being wasted on something very much avoidable. Then there are those thousands of innocent citizens who die in these clashes between India and Pakistan every year. There are so many heart-stopping figures that we all know, but still it’s going on year after another, generation after generation, and god knows may be whole century until both India and Pakistan are vanished from the world map.

I’m not here to discuss what is happening, because that’s everyone is witnessing, but the question- Are we ever going to put full stop to this political drama that we have been playing since half a century? Are we ever going to see peace in our society? Are we ever going to forget words like terrorism and bomb blasts, and live a fearless life? And I admit when I put my hand on my heart and look for answers to these questions, I found none, but then there is still a small hope deep inside that triggers the positive energy and makes me believe, some day all these questions will be answered, and even though today the condition is far from ideal but I will still try my level best to what I can do to make this part of the world a paradise again, and I hope together we all will achieve what we have been trying for long...AMEN!!