The Very Special People


Saturday, February 20, 2010


Eclipse, we hear this word
And a picture of Sun and Moon appears.
The black ring, blocking all the light.
The sudden darkness, a visible shadow.
The only moment of Earth deprived of all the light,
Scary, yet mesmerizing.

Mesmerizing of its beauty,
The visible relative motion’s of the celestial bodies. 
The dark ring covers the light first,
And then goes out of the way again.
The light flashes back.
Like the Earth coming back to life again.

Life has the same eclipses,
Sometimes deprived of Happiness,
Sometimes deprived of Success,
Sometimes deprived of Motivation.
Those are the scary moments of Life.

Like the eclipse, all scare ends.
The light comes back.
The light enlightens the life.
Success, Happiness and Motivation,
All comes back.

Remember, Eclipse ends.
Experience it bravely,
Persist it strongly and live it courageously.
You will come out shinning,
Like the light, a WINNER !!

Monday, February 15, 2010


Finally, after a lot of hype and political drama “My Name Is Khan” released on Friday. The movie had become the cynosure of current battle taking place between the Shiv Sena and the Congress government. Shiv Sena has been continuously protesting against Shah Rukh Khan since the day he criticized the IPL franchisees for not buying any Pakistani Cricketer in the auction. On the other hand, Congress has taken the same opportunity to empower its stand politically by blazing all guns against the Shiv Sainiks by supporting Mr.Khan. As a result, Rahul Gandhi, the future congress prime-ministerial candidate, had a visit to Mumbai with slogans of “Mumbai for All” and “We support SRK” to his name. Moreover, SRK was given police protection and the movie was released under a strict security provisions of the police on the D-day. But the surprise came when Mr.Khan decided to attend the premier of his film in Dubai instead of Mumbai. On one hand, SRK was able to get all the support from Congress government and Police for the release of his film, but on the other, he decided to remain outside of the Mumbai city away from his courageous fans who managed to come to the cinemas despite the strong agitations and the security threats to support him.

Shiv Sena might be ethically wrong in protesting against Mr.Khan for his so called Anti-Indian stance but Mr. Shah Rukh Khan is also not innocent et al. The point is Mr.Khan himself is the co-owner of the IPL franchisee and just by giving a miss to the event auction doesn’t really evade him from his own comments. Why Mr.Khan or his co-owners did not buy any Pakistani Cricketer for their IPL team? Why Mr.Khan missed the IPL Auction? Why would Mr.Khan criticize other IPL franchisees when his own franchisee did not buy any Pakistani player?  
Ok, let’s try to connect the dots here.

SRK is seriously waiting for a hit movie for long time now. It’s been almost a couple of years since Mr.Khan had any big hit. His market value and brand value was on a decline during these couple of years and the uglier face of tinsel town was pretty much visible when his so called close friends like Farah Khan started parting ways from him. As a result, it became utmost essential this time to turn the grass into gold with the release of “My Name Is Khan”. SRK understood the importance of this movie for his career and planned it accordingly. He decided not to leave even a single stone unturned this time. Hence, he decided to miss the IPL auction so that he can call the shot on all the IPL franchisees after the auction regarding the exclusion of Pakistani cricketers. The picture for Pakistani players was already gloomy because of the tensions between the India and the Pakistan, and practically there wasn’t any business sense for picking up the Pakistani cricketers for such a large amount because of the uncertainty of their presence for the complete IPL season.

As soon as, the IPL auction was over and the expected happened, SRK saw this as big opportunity to get into the news just before the release of his new movie- My Name Is Khan. Though, he might not have thought that he will be caught by Shiv Sena on the wrong foot but that situation itself turned into a blessing in disguise for him. He became the national subject, “the King Khan of Controversies was all over in news again”, but he got all the very important attention everywhere, thanks to tiff between the Congress and the Shiv Sena that he remained in news for good half a month before the release of his so very important release. Now the release day came and Mr.Khan decided to fly away to Dubai for the premier of his movie instead of giving any further air to the fire of rebellion lit by Shiv Sena. Why would Mr.Khan want more controversy now? After all his purpose was served, the movie already got the perfect hype and marketing, there was no requirement of any such stunts anymore but to play it safe now. So, he fled away to Dubai.

Wow, such are the great gimmicks we have in our country. These people can do hundreds of advertisements of products of common man but cannot even use a single one at their homes. Hippocrates and self centered great gimmicks of India.

P.S. I’m sorry if you are a SRK fan but your counter views are invited. I saw “MY NAME IS KHAN” I loved the movie and the message it had, nothing against SRK’s acting skills, he is a great actor but why such publicity stunts?