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Saturday, August 22, 2009


Today fashion is an essential part of everybody's life. Fashion has been often associated with the fairer sex as compared to the men but with the changing times and with fashion's yet again reincarnation, the equilibrium is certainly reached where both men and women are equally concerned about it. Today the fashion has classified the men in different categories on the basis of their fashion habits. Men are mainly bifurcated as -- The Metro Sexual Men and The Retro Sexual Men.

The man who mainly keeps a hard raw looking, rough and tough beards ,and preferably, keeps the chest hairs are known as the Retro Sexual Man. The Retro Sexual men pretend to be stronger and supposedly are considered to be The REAL MEN. It is believed that they are the ones who are extremely against shaving their chest hair , and they hate to try cosmetics and creams on their skins, which they consider as feminine habits.

On the other side, we have the clean shaved men who are more worried about their looks known as the Metro Sexual Men. They feel shaving chest and beard make them look better and gives them confidence. They do not mind going through various sessions of skin therapies at the saloons and enjoy every other men-cosmetics, which are present in the market. They are very peculiar about their hygiene and want to keep all clean look.

There is an open war against the Retro's VS the Metro's. If a survey has to be believed the Retro's are the one who are appealing more to women as compared to the Metro's. One strong reason why women support the Retro's is that they look bold and strong, which a woman ideally wants in her man. The woman wants it's man to be aggressive and she wants him to drive her and take control of the situation. Yet another survey among a well educated and sophisticated women supported the Metro Sexual Men. These women believe that a gentleman is suppose to flaunt a clean shaved beard, a proper hair cut and a clean shaved chest. Interestingly, the more women who were surveyed about their preferences made the battle closely contested. So, in the end it is very difficult to judge which of a kind are preferred by women.

Metro or Retro this mystery of "My Man Contest" may not resolve very soon but before that I have to reveal a secret about the Men. Even before the scientists of the so called "Fashion World" a.k.a Fashion Gurus could discover who is better than whom, Men have already taken a step forward and discovered a "new of a kind". The new avatar of men has evolved and it is bridging the gap between the Metro Sexuality and the Retro Sexuality. This new avatar of men scores with both the retro-loving ladies and the metro-loving ones. The newly found hybrid smart and intelligent man is keeping the beard, keeping the long hair(like a retro sexual man) and also, shaving his chest hair and using the cosmetics to look good(like a metro sexual man). This HYBRIDOSEXUAL (combination of Retro sexual and Metro sexual) breed of man is keeping the beard but still trim it to look decent enough for a formal gathering. I reckon bollywood actors - Hrithik Roshan and John Abraham are the biggest examples of the HYBRIDOSEXUAL Men.Men have already cultivated this new hybrid sexuality called HYBRIDOSEXUALITY to win the hearts of all ladies despite their preferences and putting themselves in a win-win situation with all the ladies around them.

So, ladies do you still have a choice ;-)??

Thursday, August 20, 2009


It is a Social Project of Chillibreeze Solutions Pvt Ltd.

An estimated of $550 million economic losses due to Malaria from 1990-93.
India has spent nearly 30% of its health budget on Malaria control from 1977-2000.
80% of the Malaria control money is spent on insecticides.
India has nearly 1 million cases detected per year and 1000 deaths a year.
Malaria is a century old disease in India.

Chillibreeze has launched a Anti Malaria Awareness COMIC BOOK.
Book will be distributed among the children for free.

Translating the book into various Indian languages.
Distributing the book free of cost at public schools across India.
Looking for volunteers to help with distribution of the comic book.
The Comic book can be printed and sent to you on your address.

Send in your suggestions/ideas for the project and how we can fund it.
Help us pitch for corporate or NGO support for printing the book.
Spread the word about the book both online and offline (blog about the project, use social networks and your contacts, etc).
Help us write or illustrate other health comics.
Those of you who are members of the press and write for online or print publications can help publish news pieces about the project .
Help translate the book into your mother tongue/any Indian language.
Contact pediatricians to see if they are interested in getting a few copies for their office.
Read the book out to an underprivileged kid you know.
Anything else you can think of to make this campaign a success.

Send email to
FACEBOOK Community— Malaria Comic book by Chillibreeze.
ORKUT Community--- Malaria Comic Book Campaign


Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Swine Flu death toll has just touched to 27 today in India. In the city of Pune alone the death toll has reached to 15 and in Bangalore, a total of 5 people have been victimized to death by Swine Flu. The picture is looking gloomy but it also raises a question, is the virus attacking everyone and anyone can fall its prey?

The answer to the above question in the most simple, scientific and logical way would be – Yes. The Swine Flu Virus can attack anybody but it’s not necessary that you will suffer the H1N1 Influenza. Let me put light on some of the facts, which reflects a true story.

In India out of the 27 people, who have died approximately 12-14 people have died because of the lack of proper medical remedies been taken against the Swine Flu, which were because of the lack of detection of Swine Flu or late detection by the doctors. Rest of the people, who died are either the old people (50+ years of age) or children below the age of 15.

Now there is a common thing between the people of older age and the children, which is their Immune System. Both the older aged people and children have a similar kind of immunity levels. The children normally have their immunity in a pre-matured stage, which is yet to develop into a full fledged reliable Immune System and on the other hand, aged people have weak immunity, which has deteriorated over the years and is not in the most reliable form. In both the cases, lower fitness and lower immunity are the reasons for victimization to H1N1 Influenza.

One thing is very clear that Immunity is driven from a person’s fitness. A better fitness levels can help an individual gain a reliable immune system. A 20-minutes daily workout of cardiovascular exercises can improve your immune system. By having a better immune system it will be more difficult for you to catch a cold or any other viral diseases for that matter. It’s a necessity to maintain a good fitness level along with good hygiene to fight against viral diseases like Swine Flu. So, hit the gym or start working out on your fitness today. Better fitness leads to better life and for the first time in my life I have realized the true meaning of the statement – The Survival of the Fittest. Hope you too understand it today and live a better life with better fitness from here on.

Sunday, August 16, 2009


Swine Flu(a.k.a. H1N1 Influenza) has recently started spreading like a fire in India and Pune being the epicenter of this Swine Flu wave has taken the number of infected people almost near to 2000. It has created a fear among the people everywhere in the country, which has resulted in a situation of panic in the various locations all across the nation. The rising death toll, the lack of Swine Flu testing labs, the lack of hospitals and medical centers, and with no signs of vaccination being issued soon, the pandemic is already been declared in India and for that matter all across the globe. It’s a high alert situation in India.

Who would have thought that these medical masks will one day become the fashion statement? But it seems like they are the latest trend. Though, a number of doctors are claiming that medical masks are of no use to a normal person still the sales of such masks are on an all time high and they are in the utmost demand at this point of time.

Yet with all the havoc happening around all across due to Swine Flu and with bleak signs of situation being under control soon, there are still numerous positive things happening in and around us. The Swine Flu has done few very good things to the people of our country.

As people are getting aware about the prevention of the Swine Flu, they have understood significantly the importance of a good hygiene. The panic among the people has grafted a very serious demand of good hygiene in an individual’s life. Everybody now wants to be clean and wants to keep things clean. People who were not washing hands even before having a meal are now washing their hands hourly without any reasons. The shops, the offices and the food courts are now taking special care of cleanliness. Special care is taken for the cleanliness at public places; Clean towels, fresh and clean water supply, and soaps are kept at each basin in the public toilets. Undoubtedly, there are few brownie points scored by Indian eco-system as a whole in cleanliness and hygiene departments.

The other thing which has been positively impacted by Swine Flu is Mannerism. People have all of a sudden become more educated in their manners. In comparison to past when while sneezing they were not even hiding their faces away but I can see everybody making a sincere effort to properly cover their mouths while in a public place or even otherwise. Everybody is holding a handkerchief or a piece of cloth around ones own mouth while coughing. All of a sudden everybody is a bit matured and raised level of their manners.

Today more people are working towards their fitness. People have realized that body’s immunity is going to play a major role in fighting a communicable disease like Swine Flu. They are back to their fitness regimes, they are more aware of the advantages of a fit body and are working hard to achieve it. People are trying to change their bad lifestyles. They are already taking the measures to take the Virus like Swine Flu head against their Immune System.

Since, the out broke of this deadly virus government has certainly got its task cut out. It’s a huge challenge for government to shield a country of 100 crore against a pandemics like Swine Flu. Government is already working hard for measures against the virus, the facilities in government hospitals which were far from government’s concern have become the main agenda today. There have been various important steps taken by government to better the services and facilities at various hospitals and medical centers, and it still continues to do by engaging the private hospitals to fight against the virus. In a way this has improved the government medical facilities all across the country.

Let’s hope we all keep on doing the good things in the same way as we are doing it and soon the Virus will be controlled and cleaned up from our land, for that matter all across the globe.