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Saturday, March 24, 2012


DISCLAIMER: This post is purely for techies :)

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Friday, March 23, 2012


I think I need not remind anybody about what iPhones are? right ?
I'm kidding, I just wanted to imagine your reaction on reading the first line :-) ....Certainly, IPhone is the coolest device I've ever seen in my life, and I just can't stop applauding Apple Inc and Steve Jobs for gifting mankind with such a wonderful gizmo. Awe-inspiring !! Steve, I'll always remember you throughout my life, you were a true artist and a technology magician, god bless your soul.

Believe it or not, Apple has not just created a super cool gadget for itself, the iPhone, but also created an industry around itself. Thousands of people are employed because of iPhone. Don't believe me? Hold on to it for a while.

Every morning when you hit for the gym you use that fitness app on your iPhone to keep track of your regime. You are going to meet a friend of yours who lives in that part of city you have not visited in your entire life, but guess what you traced the directions using your iPhone app and reached at your friend's house without any hassle. You are preparing for GRE/GMAT vocabulary and instead of carrying those boring flashcards now you are carrying an iPhone app, IntelliVocab (the best iPhone app, in my opinion).......And these are just few of the things, there are so many iPhone apps that you can't even imagine.

So, do you think that all these iPhone apps are built by a single company? If you do so, then you have used only few :). Don't be surprised to know that there are thousands and thousands of companies that develop really cool iPhone apps, and iPhone app development is not just there small secondary business, but this is entirely what many companies do. Yes, they just develop iPhone app. Well, don't get it wrong, it is a skill. Easier said than done !!

And now coming to the iPhone Application (App) testing, it is probably one of the most significant part of developing an iPhone App. No kidding, just imagine one day when SIRI- Apple's latest interactive bot starts abusing you in the middle of your board meeting...ROFL !! Hence, testing iPhone app is really the most important thing before it is launched in the market.

So, it not wrong to say that- because iPhone app development has increased significantly over the last few years, the market for iPhone app testing has also grown leaps and bounds during the same period. Without any surprise, iPhone app testing, being such an important part of iPhone app development cycle, has now extended to such a level that there are now businesses that specifically take care of iPhone app testing/qa part, which I believe is really important in order to make effective and the best iPhone apps.

Having said that not all companies can do the job in the most efficient manner and there are always few outstanding performers. I happen to meet one of such top performing iPhone app testing companies- Testing4Success. Testing4Success is offering iPhone application Testing/QA services to ensure the application functionality on end-user devices are not just working properly but also providing the best user experience ever. Reliability and performance of iPhone apps and their infrastructure directly impacts end users experience, and Testing4Success makes sure that no stone is unturned during the exhaustive iPhone apps testing. Sure, this company believes in creating a marvel. Great job guys !! So, in case you are looking for professional Beta Testers for your iPhone applications or tired of not getting quality reporting and feedback, you know where to go- Testing4Success.

Testing4Success is one of the leading Testing/QA providers in North America. Besides the iPhone App Testing, it provides following testing solutions- Application Testing/QA, Web Application Testing/QA, Mobile Application Testing/QA, and online ISTQB certification trainings.

I've no doubt with the latest developments in  the iPhone devices and with the ever increasing consumers, the demand for iPhone apps will continue to rise. Already, every business in the world wants to have an iPhone app of its own, and due to the domino effect, the demand and market for iPhone app testing will also continue to increase.