The Very Special People


Friday, November 16, 2007



Whenever you will come, my girl,
The flowers will blossom all around…
The clouds will shower,
But, the blessings,
in the rhapsody of the harmony.

Your eyes are glittering …
Smitten by them, I go numb.
Unknowingly your eyes gave promises in abundance...
My heart beats on seeing them and love them the most.

The world of dream starts shining …
As I see you caper all over.
Loosing your sight for a while …
Making this world more than futile.

You come, you talk and you smile with me ….
But every time you go.
Agony of letting you go ….
Makes me cadge from inside saying please don’t go, please don’t go….
Letting my heart to chafe, you still go.

Seeing you with others, frets me…
But never had the courage to avow the same.
My heart makes me the vorticist of my life…
But the cynosure is only you, behind all lines.

Thoughts flows, thoughts erupts
All in my heart wandering in sea..
Like a yacht lost its way….
Waiting for zephyr to push it away.

I cede my heart and soul to you,
Because its you…………
And believe me, its ONLY YOU ! ! !

--- Vivek Nanda