The Very Special People


Friday, March 12, 2010


Belief, its a strange word.
When you have it, you just have it.
You dont listen to others.
Your heart automatically favors it.

Good, bad or ugly,
Whatever it may be,
But you cant think beyond it.
For you its the only thing.
Its the only correct thing.

Yet, its so different,
Yet, its so relative. 
When you dont have it, you just dont have it.
It might be the thing,
But you see it futile.
Nothing else but only futile.

Belief could be anything,
Sometimes its on God,
Sometimes its on religion,
Sometime its on somebody,
Sometimes its on something.
Strange is the word in itself.
Yet taken positively, changes life,
But devastates otherwise.

They say it- You have it, You will do it,
But it's not always right.
What if the belief is not right?
It is significant,
But only when you get it right!!