The Very Special People


Thursday, February 25, 2010


If someone asks me about what I miss from the older days of my life then my answer will be very straight forward- "the very special people of my life- F.R.I.E.N.D.S". It's not that I have completely broken off with my good old friends but of course, the quality of time spent with them never seem to be coming back again and I miss it badly. I realized when we are in school we make friends and we spend almost the complete day with our friends. Those moments get over as soon as the schooling comes to an end. Soon, we start understanding the world, the people and the environment.

While we are in school, we make friends with each and everyone, but with no understanding other than that my friends play with me everyday. As soon as we enter the university, we start recognizing our friends in categories- something like Best friends, friends but not best friends and hello-hi friends. This subdivision mainly evolves with the kind of relationship we share with our friends and the time spent together. The bond of friendship probably flourishes the most while we are in college. In my opinion i.e. the age where we find the maximum number of friends to carry with us for whole life. Even I had such kind of various sets of friends but I have felt that there were various significant moments of life spent with all of them despite all the subdivisions. There are thousands of memories that comes to the mind with small small things we experience or see in our daily lives.

Its very often when we hear the name of our alma mater and all those friends start flashing in front of our eyes. Sometimes, an old movie coming on the television creates the deja vu from the past while we watched that movie in past with our friends. Then there are some songs, they always bring back the good old memories back. Like that there are so many different things that always pull us back in the memory lane and every now and then we remember our friends. One thing I have to say its not about the places or the things but its about the people, the very special friends who are part of our memories.

I have also realized the bitter truth of life that there is no certainty that we get a chance to spend the quality of time, which we spent together in the past. As we all grow, the work or the job takes us to different places, its not that we lose contact to our friends or we lose our best friends but we compromise on the purest relationship of friendship for career and the other comforts of life. Also, this is true that while we achieve something significant in career and life or we suffer tragedy, we always miss our best friends both for their support and for sharing the joyous moments of life. Such is the importance of friends in life.

On a personal note, while I listen the song- Rubaroo from the movie Rang De Basanti reminds me of all my friends. So, whenever you hear this song just think for a second that I remember you all :).

May You All Have The Best of Life & Long Live the F.R.I.E.N.D.S.H.I.P!!!