The Very Special People


Thursday, June 17, 2010


Once again the wind has changed its direction,
Once again the clouds are moving back in,
Once again there will be a shower of bliss,
Once again the earth is churning in joy.

Everything is beautiful again,
Everything looks meaningful again,
Positivism has peaked again,
Believe in God and faith in Destiny are restored again.

Life inhaled a new life,
New directions are visible again,
Patience was surely tested,
But the fruits are relishing again.

Hatred has dissolved,
Anger is controlled,
Enemies are forgiven,
Such is the mania of happiness,
Everything is just forgotten.

So, lets be happy,
Feel free, and Share the happiness again.
Spread the joy and Enjoy the life again..... :)

Monday, June 14, 2010


You think to have it,
You wish to get it,
But it doesn’t happen.
You feel dejected,
You ask- Why me?

You hold yourself, you fight-back,
You forget & you move on.
An opportunity knocks the door,
Again you feel for it,
You think you are the best fit to have it,
You try, you still don’t get it.

You are clueless, you are hopeless,
You are in complete turmoil.
But again, there is an opportunity.
Your feelings are neutral now,
You are not sure about it,
Yet, you still try for it.

This time it turned to gold,
You have got it.
You discovered it’s the perfect thing to happen,
You thank for not getting the earlier ones.
You feel blessed; you feel this is what meant for you.

You sit-back, and think about the past.
You feel as if everything was designed as such.
You think of it, and you say it in joy-
It’s Destiny !!!

P.S. If you are not getting success, it doesn’t always mean you didn’t do well. You don’t need to lose the hope; you have to still keep trying. Keep trying until you reach where you want to be. You don’t know when it will be your day, but when the day will come you will realize that it’s the best what can happen to you. You will be thankful to all your past failures and you will be glad that you didn’t make it otherwise you might not have ever got to what you have received now. There is a best well suited thing for you somewhere and it will come to you some how, so just keep trying, rest the destiny will take care