The Very Special People


Saturday, August 14, 2010


This Sunday India celebrates its 64th Independence Day i.e. on 15th August 2010. The whole nation is under the magic of the tricolors and there are only three visible colors all around- Saffron, White and Green!!

It is so very exciting, one more occasion to celebrate the success story of India Inc. On this auspicious moment I pray that soon all the unsocial activities come to an end, soon all the violence ends, and soon we all together focus in one direction, the direction for the wellness of everyone, the direction for the betterment of everyone, the direction for the success of everyone, the direction filled with love and peace.

I’m totally in the hangover of tricolor this weekend, and that is the reason I decided to turn my black blog-space into a colorful one by painting it with the amazing tri-colored pictures. I hope you will like them.

Wish you a very HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY…….!!!

                         ALL OF YOU HAVE A LOVELY WEEKEND