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Saturday, September 5, 2009


Whole country went into mourn when the news of demise of Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh(India) YSR broke. YSR died in a chopper crash. The incident was shocking and unfortunate but beyond it, nobody had ever thought that along with YSR it will also trigger a wave of depressed people (especially farmers) committing suicide or getting heart attacks. Yes, this is true almost 120+ people in the state of Andhra Pradesh either killed themselves or suffered the heart attack on hearing the news of YSR’s death. If the facts are to be believed, this event of a kind being the first to be happened in India in the modern era politics.

Was YSR Reddy one of India's most popular leaders in terms of mass appeal? If the turnout at his funeral, the public display of emotions by the thousands of people and the number of people in Andhra Pradesh who have died of shock or committed suicide is an indication, then the answer is a big yes.

No doubt that YSR was among the main politicians in Congress party as he was continuing his second term consecutively after winning the last elections comprehensively. YSR’s main focus area has always been the people of lower rungs especially the farmers living in the villages of discreet areas of Andhra Pradesh.

After YSR’s death these farmers are apprehensive about their future of getting government subsidies and about their fate of getting free power and medicare, the schemes those were started by YSR. This apprehensiveness has resulted in immense frustration and disappointment among farmers leading them to take bold steps like suicide.

The chances are this death toll may increase in next couple of days as more farmers are finding it tough to swallow the fact that YSR is no more to help them out. The son of late Shri.YSR has already appealed to people to stop this self-killing as this is not what his father has ever wanted.

This expression of frustration and disappointment where people have taken their lives or died of shock is extremely rare in India and not witnessed especially in politics.

Friday, September 4, 2009


Every human being who is living on this planet dreams but there are very few who live up to them. The one who have chased their dreams till the end are probably the most successful or the most satisfied people in their own lives. This feeling of success or satisfaction has come to them after achieving what they have been thinking about all the times before they actually got it. It’s their passion of what they dream and their honesty to cultivate a path to achieve has paid off. On the contrary, we have the others who started off with a similar dream to what they want to be or what they want to achieve but then they settled for a mediocre life as they were too scared to pursue their dreams any further.
Most people end there so called golden chase after they have faced failures multiple times in achieving it. They just suffice themselves by giving some vague justifications of not able to achieve what they actually wanted. A man gets so much frustrated or becomes so clueless of a situation when after trying again and again the dream of his life is not coming true. But the situation is justifiable to an extent, since there is no timeline or sure shot period in which all his dreams will come true. So, the million dollar question arises – “How can one still keep their dream alive? “.
It’s probably, the trickiest of the question to be answered but surely there is an answer to it and that’s the only reason why god has given us this unique and supreme power to dream, isn’t it? So, to live up to what we want, to what we want to be, to live up to our dreams, here are the 10 ways which will help us in achieving our Dream.

VISUALIZE: It’s of utmost importance for a person to visualize his dreams. By visualizing it, you get the clarity of your dream. This will help us analyze, what we will be once our dreams come true and how it will make us change to what I we are before achieving them. It will give us the glimpse of our dreams being achieved, which helps an individual to motivate and plan for them. It inspires us to take actions to fulfill our dreams.

MAKING A WISH LIST: It’s really important to pen down what we want, until we write down our dreams, how can we expect them to be fulfilled in reality. By maintaining a wish list of our dreams, we can keep a track of what we have achieved and what not. It helps us plan for our future in a better way. Be sure that you celebrate and acknowledge your success. If you take for granted any of your moment of success either big or small; chances are it will take you longer to continue reaching your milestones.

PLANNING: Each one of us should plan for how to achieve our dreams. It’s really necessary to plan in a proper manner, until and unless we don’t have a proper planning, it will lead us to diversion from the path of our dreams. Like for every task in our life- we plan, it’s in a same way we should have a master plan for our dreams.

PASSION: You need to be completely passionate about your dreams. Your dream should be such that – You think about it at least once in a day, it should be such that before going to sleep when you are in your bed you are thinking about it, it should be such that when you are talking to someone you at least divert once to bring it in the conversation. You should be so passionate about it that you just want to do all the things perfectly, to achieve it soon.

NEVER GIVE-UP: Seeking a dream is not a cake walk at all, it requires a true character. Even after trying for several times and for many years, if you are not able to achieve it. You are bound to go in a failure mode and giving up on the further attempts to get it filled is but obvious. So, at that moment of time when the chips are down and you don’t know what needs to be done then it’s always better to re-analyze your plan of action and act patiently, towards your dreams. It’s basically like bouncing back from the failure again and again with better preparation than earlier. You work it out without giving up and in spite of several attempt, you will surely get to what you dreamt.

TAKE ACTIONS: Only just by dreaming of better self and better life will never leads to actually achieving it. It requires for an individual to take actions to fulfill the dreams. It will never happen that you just dream a thing today and it gets to you by itself, it requires a strict action from thyself. Remember this fact that – “Dreaming Big Is Not Bad, But NOT WORKING FOR IT, IS THE BIGGEST DISGRACE!!”. So, take appropriate actions towards your dreams.

BE FLEXIBLE: It is a must that you need to be flexible with your approach of attaining your dreams. Sometimes, you are following certain fixed actions to achieve your goals but that is not working. So, it becomes the need of an hour for you to act differently. Make sure you are not following the old orthodox ways but applying your new innovative ideas. Sometimes, you reach to a situation you know that your dream cannot be filled in a way which you might have thought initially so it becomes essential to change your dream a bit to more practical form for achieving it. But that does not mean at all that you are changing them all the times at your will.

MAKING A DREAM BOOK: You can begin today to utilize the law of attraction to help you achieve your goals. Do you actually know what you desire? If you really know what you desire just make an Audio or a Video of the same, watch it. By doing this you are attracting those things towards you. Make a dream book, put the pictures or write about your dreams. It will attract what you want in your life, as if Universe is taking your order for a meal and you are ordering whatever you want to eat. The law of attraction works you can surely try it.

ALWAYS DREAM BIGGER THAN WHAT YOU ARE IN PRESENT: You will loose all the motivation or your dreams will become worthless, if they are lesser in nature to what you are currently. You have to evaluate your dreams on the scale of practicality and how it will change you once you achieve it. To always lighten the passion for your dreams, it is really needed you have significant well evaluated dreams to inspire you to work towards them.

READ ABOUT OTHERS WHO HAVE ACHIEVED THEIR DREAMS: It’s a motivating thing that we read about the people who have achieved their dreams. Not only we get to know how they reached to their dreams but also it let us compare our approach to them and help us fetching useful ideas for our further road towards our dreams. It sometimes helps to be better prepared for what we may be expecting.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


We all know what an impact Twitter has on everybody across the world and how it has become a force to reckon, which has taken the web world like a storm. There is no doubt that Twitter’s simplicity has played its part in climbing the ladder to success. The thing which makes this micro-blogging site even more popular is its Celebrity presence. This is no more a hidden secret that Celebrity presence has pumped up a large numbers of users on the website and there is more number of people, who are following their favorite celebrity as it would have ever happened on the internet before.

Twitter has been able to amass celebrities all across the globe from various professions and that has been Twitter’s one more catchy success story. Twitter has a gathering including the TV Anchors, Comedians, Sport Stars, Pop Stars, Politicians, Authors, Musicians, Actors etc to name a few. We have Stephen Fry, Lance Armstrong, Britney Spears, Barrack Obama, Shaq O Neil, Al Gore, Neil Gaiman, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Demi Moore, Mallika Sherawat, Priyanka Chopra etc etc. You just name a celebrity and it will be on Twitter. Twitter, lets say on the other side has given celebrities the power to play with their popularity and experiment few interesting things on the internet.

Whatever, it may be but it’s very clear that Twitter as a business rose because of the Celebrity presence and Celebrities grew their popularity through Twitter. Twitter has proved the theory of interdependency true again. Twitter by itself has understood the importance of celebrity presence and that’s one reason why Indian Bollywood Actress Mallika Sherawat was invited to Twitter Headquarter. The news of actress spread like a fire across India as ideally intended by Twitter and amassed a huge number of users post Mallika’s visit. What worked in Twitter’s favor was the fact that among the new joiners were also the celebrities from India, which attracted more number of common people joining Twitter from the second most populous country of the world following their favorite celebrities.

As they say it- Food might not taste as delicious as when you are hungry likewise Twitter’s Celebrity brigade wont have been as significant as it is today without its Followers( the fans). Statistically and logically, more the number of people following a celebrity on Twitter more the popularity of that celebrity. Moreover, why would celebrity want to miss an option so simple of staying connected to masses just by text-ing(tweeting) few lines about themselves and gain popularity. Not only Twitter is helping celebrities reach to masses, it has also provided them a platform to market their stuff on the web by themselves, but also provided them with the opportunity to get reviews and suggestions about their soon to be launched product. As a result, Celebrities tweet when they launch a new book, which they wrote or when they released the music for their new movie or when they are going to take interview of some famous politician on their tv shows or when they are about to perform at a concert etc etc and many more reasons like these because all such things help them market themselves as brand and help them grow their businesses.

Beyond all, Celebrities are humans and the greed of success and popularity co-exists among all. So, it matters a lot to a celebrity that how many people are following them. They feel happy and thank their followers when a milestone is reached. They feel proud about it. After all being most popular is everybody’s dream. Moreover, being popular helps business too. So, its clear that we love following our favorite celebrity on the Twitter and they loved to be FOLLOWED and I m also hoping that few people start following me after reading my blogs :-)