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Friday, September 10, 2010


I have this urge to learn the flute since the last year, but every now and then due to some reason I just had to walk away from it. Recently, on a lazy sunday afternoon when I was feeling like listening to some soothening music I accidently found this beautiful song on the youtube. The song is called the "Flute Song" or "The Irish Celebration Song" and is performed by the band called "The Corrs". One of the main attractive feature of the song is the "Flute". I really liked the melodious sound of the flute. Especially, I was so much impressed by the lady playing the flute in the band, Andrea Corr. As a result, I joined her facebook page too :)

I literally got so much indulged in the song that I listened to it non-stop for couple of hours. I felt so nice about it, but at the same time it also acted like a catalyst to my hidden desire to learn flute. I again started searching over the internet about the place where I can buy a flute. Though, I haven't find any good store yet and still looking for it.

Later, I searched a lot of videos over the internet where I could see more flute songs and incidently, I found a lot of videos related to Irish Flute. I really liked the Irish Flute, its good and it really fills the person's heart with joy. I could easily co-relate to it, but at the sametime when you really want to be in a quite mood then it could be an erratic experience as well. Though, I do not have any knowledge about the flute but I felt that Irish flute doesn't have large variety, most of the songs are pretty similar and have the same tone, but this is just a personal observation and I might be completely wrong as I start discovering the Irish Flute.

Anyway, this is certainly one of my latest found interest and soon I would want to buy a flute and take some lessons over the internet. I sometime wonder, how these things didn't come in front of my eyes earlier, may be by now I would have been an expert in it, but thats fine. I'm happy that I realized my love for flute now. Hopefully, I will soon start learning it.

P.S. Do share your thoughts about the flute and the song (I posted above). Also, I would want to know if you play any musical instrument or you would want to learn playing any musical instrument. One very interesting thing I read over the internet and it says- "Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life. ~Berthold Auerbach". So, its good to be associated with music someway.