The Very Special People


Thursday, August 5, 2010


Change, it’s a word full of excitement, refinement, metamorphosis and freshness. There is always that adrenaline rush associated to it, there are always those butterflies in the stomach when we talk about it, and this is the thing that certainly gives us goose bumps. Why is that we always need a change? Why is that we always love the change? These are the few tricky questions that we face everyday in our lives, but every time we soon explore that the answers are quite simple, after all that is the beautiful phenomena of nature.

How many times in our lives we explore those famous words that “Change is the only constant thing in life”? I reckon many a times!! Yes, we all go through several changes in and around us in a cyclic fashion, there will be few things that stay and there will be always few things that will go away or may be we will go away from those things i.e. how we actually witness a constant change in process in and around us.

Human nature is such that we are in the need of a change as soon as we are not enjoying that situation. I consider human beings kind of a born super excited species and when things go out of our likings i.e. exactly when there is a chain reaction for change triggered inside us. Soon the things those were our daily enjoyment start losing their sheen, the dullness creeps into the scene and sometimes we are too frustrated as well, but this is how we are designed and may be this is what we can call the unique trait we all carry.

The crux is “Change” is an important thing because it is a way of learning. We find a better way of doing things by trying different ways of doing things instead of doing them the same way.  The vicissitude brings a new freshness in our lives. Moreover, its the change that brings the much needed attitude change in us, it sometimes gives us a brand new way of looking at the things and as a result we develop to be a better human being. Yet we have to remember that- if you're in a bad situation, don't worry it'll change and if you're in a good situation, don't worry it'll change too, change is inevitable, be it good or bad, but what is more important is the 'experience' that we go through with it. The experience is what actually changes us and may be that’s why I would call that as a real change, which can come to us only if we experience the change.

If you don't like something change it; if you can't change it, change the way you think about it.  ~Mary Engelbreit

Sunday, August 1, 2010


Today is Friendship Day(1st August), and I’m missing my best pals, the good old days, the times we spent together and most importantly, the unforgettable memories. I have so many friends- the childhood friends, the school friends, the college friends, the neighborhood friends, the internet friends, and the friend’s of friends, but out of the league of those very special people there are few very-very special people whom we miss a lot on not just the 1st of August but everyday in our life.

Ironically, Friendship goes beyond relationships because we hardly stay with our friends but our hearts beat for them. When the whole world goes crazy on complaining about us, our best friends will never have a single complaint, moreover they defend us. Out of our busy schedules, we still keep on sending a SMS or two to make our friends smile, we keep on shooting an email or posting a picture on the web to just stay connected, and when we feel its long since we have talked, we don’t shy away from calling each other in the midnight either. We share everything with our special friends be it success or failure, be it joy, job change, crushes or anything, that is so special about friendship.
Yet sometimes, when we are having the best times of our lives, we miss the presence of our very special friends and at that moment we feel like calling them and tell them, that you should be here, but we stop and say to ourselves- “my friend is not here with me because he is somewhere doing something more important for himself and for him to live a life what he dreamt he needs to do those things first then being here, we will share the better times soon again”, this is what the Friendship all about, its not about formalities, its not about complaints, its not about distance, but its about a true connection that binds us throughout our lives.
I’m glad to have friends in my life, and I’m thankful for their constant support in my life. Wish you all a very happy Friendships day and may you all always have those lovely people on your side called FRIENDS!! I’m dedicating two special songs on this very special occasion of Friendship Day here, hope you like it…God Bless And Long Live The Friendship !!

P.S. I miss my all the special friends, I miss the Gym workouts, the ladies sangeets, the Scorpio Rides, the chit chats, the movies, the college days, the roomies but what is so wonderful is that we are still so connected..CHEERS to FRIENDSHIP!!!