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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Twin Airlines & Their Foul Plays

After a successful strategic acquisition of Air Deccan by Mr.Vijay Mallaya owned Kingfisher Airlines, Kingfisher has entered head to head with Mr.Naresh Goel owned Jet Airways and Jetlite. Both sharing a common relationship by owning twin airline’s each in both luxury class and other in the low cost carrier category. Overall, seeing from the market prospective both companies now have a better chance of sustaining with the immensely competitive Indian Air-market.
From the passenger’s point of view, it was expected that the mergers of such a kind will better the life of economy class passengers traveling in the low cost carriers in terms of inside flight services and by offering priorities while landing at the airport during the congestion hours to these low cost carriers by being associated with big industry players. Nevertheless, the services have improved to some extent and in a way directly benefited to both the airlines and the passengers.
Yet with these minor small changes visible in the inside flight facilities there is a bigger uncertainty which has paved its way at the cost of huge loss to passengers. It’s been observed that the twin airlines are playing rumble-jumble among its low cost airlines and the luxury airlines by clubbing the customers of both together in one of the flight rather than setting two half capacity filled trips across various sectors. It’s certainly is a very good strategic move in terms of avoiding the huge losses by the airlines but on the other hand its costing customers their precious time.
The way these airlines are handling this clubbing-passenger strategy is surely a foul play and customers are being cheated. They will keep telling the passengers that because of technical fault or snag they cannot fly now and get the flight delayed until they get to know the exact status of their other flight, once they are sure that both the flights can be clubbed into one than they declare a final timing of take off. But this uncertainty causes huge delays to the passengers and cost a lot of waste of times in spite of paying for the luxury class airfares.
Seeing from a business angle the move certainly holds good for airlines but it should not be implemented in the way which gives them the bad mouth because in the long run its going to cost them serious business to other low cost carriers like Indigo and Spicejet.
Probably, to handle a situation like this there has to be a new protocol being introduced. Each airline should rather come up with an idea to project the passengers with the forecast of probability of the flight to take off by projecting the statistics of seats being booked and how much percentage of seats required to be occupied to make a trip. I think by this idea at least airlines will make themselves clear about their strategy about flight trips and most importantly, it wont make customers to feel cheated at any moment of time.
Airlines sector is a huge market it requires alot of new ideas and there can be numerous innovative ideas needed to be tried and tested. Hopefully, we see some serious thinking done from Airlines on this and come up with blossoming ideas helping grow their business in a customer focused manner. In the end business revolves around clients and Customer is the King !!

The Darker Side of Indian's In The Aussie Racial Attack

The whole world is witnessing the racial abuse drama of Aussies taking on Indians students still there have been constant denial from the Australian government regarding its countrymen being involved in the racial abuse. The situation has gone so much out of the hands of Australian government that all their attempts to cope up with such cases are going all waste.

While the media is trying to showcase the exact picture of what is happening and what is not in Australia, there has been alot of fuzz about the incident on the internet. With internet providing the space for non-restricted expressions and emotions, there have been some really interesting informations being circulated around the world and out of which one of the most highlighted sqaushbuckling story is about -- "Why Australians hate Indian??".

One interesting post said- Indian students take advantage of their independence from their parents in Australia and drink alot, as a result of excessive drinking alot of crimes are performed.One other post said- Indians urinate in open spaces and spit anywhere they want. They say- Indians will always talk in the Hindi or some native language even within the class and workplace inspite of other non-indian people being present. One other post said- Indian students will stay in excess within an apartment and as a result they live in a dirty environment. Moreover, Indians will play music in loud volumes in the middle of the night and make huge amount of noise.Another post said- Indians by themselves are suppose to be the most racial people which can be easily justified if somebody visit's India.

Even after reading all the reasons above i dont feel that Aussies should take such a severe step of killing and hurting Indian students in their own country. Yet a human heart should not be provoked to an extent that they start a masaccare of such a mass abuse. Aussies have to be more responsible to mankind and should sustain everything.

Yet whatever have been written in the above posts have intensified the pain in my heart because there was not a single point which i could say is false about us.The reasons which have been shared are somehow hurting me as i see my fellow countrymen doing the same.Aren't we the most racial country in the world? Aren't we fighting among us, be it hindu-muslim or marathi-bihari? Aren't we spoiling our country and making it dirty everyday by urinating in open spaces? Aren't we playing music at loud volumes in the middle of night without caring of anybody else??Aren't we forming groups at our work places and talking in our native languages so that others dont understand??

My eyes goes into tears as i hear the answer from my heart to all these questions as - "YES WE DO IT !!". I know Aussies are wrong in what way they are trying to come over their frustrations but i m even more frustrated to know that we are actually doing all the things what i mentioned above.

I request everybody in India, to raise their standards.Lets start by making a change in thy self. Lets make our country the best place in the world where every Indian is gaining respect by doing something really good for the country rather than because of the money or position. Lets make our India the most beautiful country in the world and the heaven of the planet......