The Very Special People


Wednesday, December 19, 2007

“I”( A POEM)


Life was moving smoothly
Just like the birds flying in the sky…
I was facing the problems
Like the leaves passing through the rocks in the river…
But as the river was unstoppable, so was I
Still we both kept going on a high.

Sometimes amusing, sometimes eerie
Time was moving and so was I.
I did not want to think of past
But just access it to know what I missed,
For which I will work for rest of my life.

I know what I want to do.
But every time I achieved one,
Still my list was getting high.
Good or bad but this attribute of mine,
Has never let me satisfy.
Knowing it’s a cul-de-sac…
I was yet cormorant to go by.

I was coy, I was cherubic…
That let me ignore the comely passing by.
But Destiny pushed me in chasm all the time.
Buffoonery of life continued
And I became my own braggadocio!!

Lessons are learnt and I learnt few.
The rules were simple but this was quite new.
The people whom you love the most,
Is the one whom you hurt the most ! !
To others you don’t matter and to whom you matter,
Only they can feel you.

This enigmatic truth of life,
I revealed, I understood
It was rude…
Why would I hurt who cares for me ??
But the truth is truth…
Today I understood the complexity of life…
But I m glad you were there just by my side.

Lord, thanx for giving such people in my life.
Bearing me through and yet pushing me by.
Thanx to you PEOPLE for being my
And always love you all …
For just being MY !!

-Vivek Nanda