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Saturday, May 21, 2011


I Believe I Can Fly................
What a Great Song !!! You agree??

Sometimes, when you feel low it's important to listen to something really inspirational. I feel this Song by R.Kelly is just the right tonic one needs to fightback.

So, what songs do you listen when you are feeling low?

On a lighter note check Jim Carrey singing this song-


This is a special post that I specifically wrote to dedicate to the new friends who have joined my blog recently.  In fact, in the last few days there are quite a good number of people who have started following my blog. First of all, a very warm welcome to you :)…….

Second of all, I don’t mind sharing my thoughts at anything or everything and I would feel really glad if you feel free to pitch in your views every now and then…after all, it takes two hands together to make some noise ;)…..

Ok…dear bloggies…Celebration time….CHEERS :) :)

See I’ve already got my drink -

Friday, May 20, 2011


One of my favorite company, Faqden Labs, has announced “IntelliVocab for SAT”, an application that personalizes the English vocabulary learning for SAT exam and for personal improvement.

IntelliVocab for SAT” exhibits great control over the studying environment; the users do not have to strategize their study approach rather just have to interact with the application. Intellivocab forSAT is powerful enough for the advanced learners and simple enough for the beginners, it uses latest machine learning algorithms and determines user's level of expertise, which is either “Expert” or “Commitment”, a truly interesting feature to mark progressive vocabulary learning. The application is so smart that it understands user’s progress and define further preparation plan, just in a way the more you play with it the more it becomes friendlier with you J….Intellivocab for SAT has been beta tested exclusively with the students appearing for SAT with flying colors. Few of the students whom I got to interact said- “IntelliVocab for SAT” enables users to achieve the top scores not only in the SAT competitive exam but also in their professional works.

Special Features of this really smartvocabulary building iphone app:
·         600 typical words in the Lite version
·         2 levels: Professional and Commitment
·         Every practice session contains custom set of words based on user's expertise level
·         Comprehensive progress report
·         Antonyms for every word
·         Remote sync for new words

You Can Run IntelliVocab For SAT on: iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad device

Most importantly, IntelliVocab For SAT is free app at Apple's itune Store. You can download it for free from here.

My rating for this SAT vocabulary buildingiPhone app= 4* out of 5

PS. IntelliVocab is for totally free download worldwide via the AppleStore in the Education category:
Company's Page:

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


With the popularity of iPhone (for that matter Apple’s all other products such as iPad and iPod Touch) in the global market, the iPhone application market has evolved like never before. There are thousands and thousands of iPhone applications in the market these days. The iPhone apps market has become an ocean of all sorts of apps. Yet, it’s very easy to distinguish a good iPhone app from a bad one. Yes, I’m claiming that not all iPhone apps are up to the mark or as desirable as the hi-tech iPhone/iPad users would want to have.

I thought about this massive explosion of iPhone apps into the market and for no doubt whatsoever it’s the Apple’s well laid strategy to allow anyone or everyone to develop iPhone apps at will. As a result, not only Apple made a significant progress in spreading the iPhone/iPad businesses but also gained a fresh insight into its products from the hi-tech and developers community. What came next was the keen interest of the corporate world, mostly in mobile industry, to develop apps on the Apple’s platform. Certainly, this was a win-win situation for both the Apple Inc. and the developers of the iPhone apps.       

Yet, I would want to highlight the negative side of the iPhone apps evolution. There are iPhone developers and iPhone app developing companies (few startups, few big ones) everyone is trying its very own ideas, few with some vision and others just like that. End result is market with flooded with the iPhone apps.

From a business point of view, the competition is intense, and it takes a lot to turn an iPhone app into a real success. For a company to cope up within the iPhone apps market it is just not about developing a good iPhone app but also about making it available to the target audiences; And if you are thinking it’s just about marketing than you are wrong. It is really important for the developer’s community to first be ultra clear about what app it is trying to develop, who will be using it and what you expect to do about the iPhone app in the future (one time app or any updates in future??) . Market research is so very important aspect of iPhone app business, be it identifying what app you want to develop or what niche domain you are trying to get in, everything has to be clearly defined before any development starts. In fact, Market research also identifies the target audiences and marketing strategy beforehand in order to avoid clueless strategy for selling the app later in the game.

One start-up that has a clear vision of where it’s going and where it wants to be is Faqden labs. I got this rare and invaluable opportunity to review the firstiPhone application that Faqden labs developed. The iPhone app that I reviewed was named “INTELLIVOCAB for GRE GMAT”. I predicted it to be an instance winner with its excellent user interface and even better analytics for learning the GRE/GMAT EnglishVocabulary, and I’m glad it simply produced the results the way I thought it would. It became an instant hit, and is among the top 5 apps in Educational apps today of Apple iTune Store. I have no doubt whatsoever that “INTELLIVOCABfor GRE GMAT” is the best vocabulary building iPhone app in the market at the moment. Recently, Faqden labs launched a similar product with specific focus of SAT students called “INTELLIVOCAB for SAT”. “INTELLIVOCAB for SAT” has a superb UI and analytics just as “INTELLIVOCAB for GRE GMAT” has. “INTELLIVOCAB for SAT” certainly looks the better improved version of Faqden’s first iPhone app. For SAT students take my world “INTELLIVOCAB for SAT” is the best vocabulary building app.

From a user point of view, there is a swamp of iPhone applications out there and buying an iPhone app is one thing but identifying the app that he wants to buy has become an extremely challenging activity on its own. This has evolved a business of another kind i.e. companies like Appolicious who are maintaining the directory for iPhone apps and help users narrow down on their choices. Basically, such businesses are weeding out the unwanted apps on the choices of users and their own intelligent logic. Amazing!! Now we have got softwares to churn out iPhone apps, it is like having an app for sorting out the apps, what a vicious circle :) :) .......        

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Yes, I want it
Even though it’s a little difficult
Another desire, another dream
Rocky journey, but
No one can stop me!!

PS. This is my one more rather short attempt at the Acrostic Poetry, where the first letter of each line spells a word, usually using the same words as in the title.

Sunday, May 15, 2011


College days, the unforgettable days, are undoubtedly the most exciting days of anyone's life. I had a great time while I was in the college, and one of the memorable event of that beautiful journey was when we went for a trip to Goa. I've few pictures from that trip and whenever I get to see them I miss my friends and those freakishly extraordinary days.

I remember when I used to meet any alumnus during my college days and he would say- you are living the best days of your life and once you are done with it, you are going to miss this golden era throughout your life. Today, I realize how true were those claims, and quietly I too have joined that group with exactly the same feelings.

The journey was indeed very special and no doubt it had to end someday, but what has been really exciting is bumping into all those college buddies somewhere sometime unexpectedly.Simply, magnificent!!

Ok, enough of emotional melodrama and here are few pics that I thought I will share with you all.

My Favorite-(L-R) Sid, I, Hanish, Gunish. Sitting in Front-Malhotra; Girl in the back-Shishim  
Tattoos and Shades-(L-R) Anjul,Hanish, Malhotra, Subodh, Kalia, Sid, I
PALS-Hanish & I