The Very Special People


Saturday, April 10, 2010


I was never a 'Coffee-guy', I never liked it that much. Tea has always been my priced possession and I always took pride in announcing myself as the hard-core 'Tea-lover'. The word- 'tea' itself comes with a refreshing feeling to me, and I could instantaneously imagine the delicious flavor of my favorite cup of tea. Every morning my dozed eyes won't open until I have a sip of tea. A day without my very special bed tea is like an unusual beginning with the catalyst being omitted. As soon as my body starts gaining senses while sipping the ever delicious tea, the mind starts looking for the newspaper to read, and then follows the most peaceful hour of the day when I feel refreshed and excited to start my brand new day, thanks to my favorite cup of tea.

Ask any tea lover about the dip-dip tea bags and you will soon notice a grin on the face as nothing beats the original kadak patti waali chai. Unfortunately, for all the tea lovers like me office time tea is simply a turn off as most corporate places will serve the dip-dip tea, and  this is the main reason why we always notice the crowded stall of Ramu Chai Wala outside all the big corporate offices in India, after all we all love our desi strong cutting- the kadak chai. Tea is like an excuse of taking the break from the busy work schedules, its like an excuse to gain back the concentration, its like a trigger to solve the complex problem and there will be thousands of other reasons that the tea-drinkers will give for the love of tea.

What amazes me the most is the fact that despite such a large population of tea drinkers across the whole nation there are hardly any corporate promoters of commercial tea parlors like the ones for coffee e.g. Cafe Coffee Day, Barista, Chocolate Room etc. Though all these famous coffee shops serve tea but that is pathetic, and its very much understandable as all of them are coffee brands. Such is the apathetic condition of the most loved drink in India, oh it hurts me!! I m dedicating this post for the love of my favorite cup of tea, and hoping more people will start drinking and promoting tea as it is also scientifically proved that tea is good for health.