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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Kya Aap Joru ke Gulaam Hain? (Are you a Servant to your wife?)

Like my routine dinner time, I was surfing through the channels of my Idiot Box (TV) and not so surprisingly it was full of same old crappy bakwaas as it has everyday. I was about to switch it off until I noticed the very own apna desi version of "The Moment of Truth" called "Sach Ka Samna" on one of the channels. The first thought which came to my mind was "DARN ANOTHER COPIED SHOW" from the international television.
Since I have seen the original version of the show I was pretty much familiar with the content of the show and quite shocked to see a show of such a nature being launched in India. I think we all are in a time where things have changed a lot and TV channels are bothered more about TRP’s than anything else and without any doubt reality shows are the latest scoop on television so nothing bad in having our desi version being launched on air.

Ok, that was about the show now about its questions. Wow, trust me the questions on the show are real killers literally they make the contestant to face the real Sach Ka Samna. So, there was this very interesting question being asked to a gentleman – Kya Aap Joru Ke Gulaam Hain? The poor guy responded with a completely embarrassed face almost quietly saying “YES” and it erupted into all so much of an embarrassment for the family members of the gentleman, who came along with him to attend the show.

The way the question was answered annoyed me as it showcased in a way that if a guy helps his wife in her work at home is a Gulaam. Unfortunately, the state of our society is in this shameful situation only, where if a husband is helping his wife in her work at home he is made to believe that he is a “Joru Ka Gulaam”. This is such a taboo of our society where if a woman is working day & night at home she will never be compared to servant but if a man is helping her wife, he picks up the tag of so called Joru Ka Gulaam very soon. I feel our gender biased society is so evil that even the gentleman sitting on the hot seat of the show was made to say that his feeling of love to help his wife in what she does, is nothing but he being a Gulaam to her.

I think men are responsible for their own deeds. The open mindedness of men is facing the hurdles of the evils of past, when men represented themselves as the Swami to their wives and now when they are helping their wives they have to do it secretly to avoid being called as the Joru Ka Gulaam. I feel it’s high time that society abolish this shameful tag of Joru Ka Gulaam and when next time this question is asked on a TV show, men should confidently answer the question by saying NO and making a wife jubilant in joy instead of being embarrassed on national television.