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Saturday, September 18, 2010


Well well…I was just reading through the blogs that I follow and I found this post on Tanvi’s space called Red Lipstick. I have been following her for a while now and she indeed has that super thing about her blog that keeps her loyal readers engaged to her screen.

Red Lipstick actually made me think what men actually think about it. This is perhaps the question, which many women around the world would want to know, but the views presented here are purely mine and you could easily bump into a man who is an absolute contra to what I think. After all there are so many men on this planet :-) :-). Still, I insist you to trust me for the most part of this post.

On an affirmative note, men really are visual creatures. Men notice everything about the women they can see. Red Lipstick is surely an eye catcher for men, especially when you are on a perfect date with your man and those sexy red lips can do as much for your man as the kiss itself. Trust me its true!!

One very important thing that all the women should keep in mind is that men have hardly any sense to understand your makeup, they won’t know anything about that shiny thing that you have on your eye lashes, they won’t know how your reddish lipstick is so catchy on that day etc etc. For men even if its your lip gloss or the lipstick there is hardly any difference between the two, as the men just see the beauty of your sexy lips and hardly distinguish between the gloss and the lipstick. Ladies you have to make sure that you do a perfect makeup that suits you and perfect makeup means that looks best on you, it could be heavy makeup, mild makeup or no makeup et all. Men surely won’t like a woman who has overdone the makeup and put that extra red shades that makes her look like a clown. Let me admit to all my dear ladies, men feel more embarrassed to go out on date when you don’t look great and this is also true that there is hardly any lady who don’t look at her best when she is going out on a date.

If you look around yourself, everywhere in the media you will see women having the red-lipsticks. The reason for it is- those sexy red lips are an added feather in the cap of femininity, it’s such a womanly thing that attracts men. If you are forced to look back, you will realize that in the 1950’s Marilyn Monroe was the cultural icon for female physical beauty back then and she seemed to favor bright red lipstick as did all of the adult women of the time, and no doubt it had a great impact on all the men around the world.

Trust me, when a man shows a lipstick mark on his cheek after being kissed by a woman, it cannot be anything else but the “red”-mark. So, no doubt RED Lipstick is something every man loves and there is hardly any other shade men remember.

Just going a little off the track and sharing something about the cultures. In Indian culture “Red” color is considered to be the color of married women. In fact, not few years ago married women mostly used to apply red colored shades only, but of course with the changing time this is not necessarily the case now. Anyway as part of the rituals and cultures of North Indian festivals especially among the Punjabi’s the mother-in-laws still gift mostly red-lipsticks to their daughter-in-laws. Red color shade of lipstick indeed holds a lot more significance in the North Indian culture.

Nevertheless, even now if you do a poll by asking 20 random men walking on the streets, the red-lipstick will still gets a big thumps-up. Even though there might be no understandable reasoning behind it sometimes. So, ladies don’t you shy away from trying the red lipstick, and keep having fun with the color red.