The Very Special People


Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Wow...its been 1 complete year to my freedom of expressions which i have shared, enjoyed and received in the form of my own space, my own domain, with none other than the very own BLOG of mine.

Yes, thanks to my most lovable company "Google" which i just don't admire but adore to the bottom of my heart for not just giving the world d-best search engine on the Internet today but also giving me my very own space to express myself, to share my thoughts, my things and the real me with the people in this beautiful all information Internet world. Truly, i could have got my blog-space on any other website but the way google had it, was something really different and every now n than i keep on discovering some or the other new super classic and yet so fruitful feature on it which is indeed so fabulous.In short i was mesmerised with the innovation and the beauty of it to that extent where it was no stopping back but to head start my very own first public blog. Yes, trust me the feeling of anything like this is no less than opening a new start up company.
Well, for me it started exactly one year ago when the world got bitten by the discovery of the new virtual space in the universe called BLOGOSPHERE. Though i don't know exactly about the history of blogs but what i know is this, that this thing was really picking up its pace really fast sometimes in the mid of year 2007, of course i m talking about India. I know i always want to write stuff, i enjoyed writing sonnets and the Indian version of haiku's during my schooling years but later during my engineering i had completely lost the creative side of me i confess, which certainly hurted me alot because this was one creative stuff which use to give me immense pleasure. But past is past and once i was settled with the initial phase of my software engineering job i started writing poems in my laptop. But still the blog was sometime away from being published.
It was November of 2007, when i discovered that its high time i stop killing my very innovative talent and launch it in a bigger better way.By that time the Internet was already flooded with thousands of blogs and i knew it ...That its high time for me to publish my thoughts for the very first time to my friends and to the people on the Internet, since i decided to make my blog searchable on googles search engine. It just took me hardly ten minutes to decide the name of my blog-- PARAGONIST which again was associative to me or my nature to be perfect. The perfectionist it meant and it was again the real expression of me.
And finally, here it was i was writing my very first poem on my blog that too inspired by the love of my life whom i recently got engaged. After that i wrote many a thoughts, many a expressions, many a opines of mine which i felt and shared with everybody on the Internet. Truly, all this complete one year when i was still learning the art of writing, the art of blogging i enjoyed every bit of it and sometimes with special comments by the people or sometimes with true criticism which is only making me a better BLOGGER day by day. Its been one complete year for my very first blog and i m so happy that its the very first HAPPY BIRTHDAY of MY BLOG which has always given me so much of pleasure and most importantly kept the creative side of me very very alive.....Cheers :-)
-- Vivek Nanda

Sunday, November 9, 2008


Yes I believed, it worked and most importantly its still working....That's what the secret is doing to me. OK, before i tell what it is and how its working, let me tell you how i got to know it. It was sometimes back and as usual when i was at home on vacations and my best friend (actually more than a best friend if there is some synonym in the dictionary) told me about a movie called The Secret, he told me the movie was amazing and it highlighted some of the simplest things in one's life, if followed, can change whole life.As always our habit of sharing all the experiences of our lives and especially to prompt each other to do the good, if one experienced it himself, helped me get to know about this movie. So, here it was, i was searching the Internet to find out this movie and load it to my life to change my whole life which was indeed very very messy sometimes back before i saw the Secret.
Finally on one good Sunday i found it. I saw the movie and it was just another movie which was presented in an extraordinary fashion and truly speaking i was like feeling the positive vibes as i was watching it. Since, than alot has changed in my life. Initially, it took me sometime to follow it and frankly speaking sometimes even now i feel it really difficult to go with it but since it has ripen the positivity in my life and this never ending la-affair keeps me running high on positive thoughts.
Well the movie is based on a book called The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. Its nothing but thinking the positive all the times and most importantly to wish whatever you can wish in your life but with only condition of never ever prevailing the negative thoughts of not getting it filled. But this is not at all as easier as it been said. Its very obvious that if i think of getting something which i want in my life so badly, along with the feeling of getting it i surely get more thoughts of -- will i be able to get it or how will i get it, its impossible or there are so many problems in getting it and it goes on and on...
And as its been told in the book and as its very rightly been shown in the movie that even though there could be thousands of reasons for not getting that most wanted thing of my life i m going to think one thing that is-- I Want This Thing and I m going to get it soon....that's it, that's the only thing i m going to do. But for an instance if i feel that-- No, i cant get that thing because of ..... than that vary instance, all that what i want is gone because to get a thing it requires first to convince yourself that you can get it, if you are not honest to yourself that you can get it than you can never get it.
I know its very hard to do all these things and very foolish to believe that this will work out at all. But the truth is -- it will and it surely will. Only thing you need to do is to be positive to what you want in life and be 100% confident that you are going to get it somehow.I will advise everybody to read the book or see the movie and try to inculcate the small small things written in the book or shown in the movie in their lives and to make their life in the way They Want it and to suffice their pursuit to happiness.