The Very Special People


Sunday, May 8, 2011


It's my great pleasure to inform you that with your true support and with your loyal readership I've attained the great pleasure of sharing my thoughts with everyone on my blog. It has been a journey of all kinds from the initial scrappy grammatically eerie posts to the better structured more meaningful posts. It has been a journey of meeting new people and of discovering the special things they brought with them. A special platform where not only I've shared the things what I wanted to share but also heard what people are saying and what they wanted to share. An experience that allowed me to make friends beyond the geographical demographics except that I still miss an alien following my blog :)

Today, I'm proud of the journey in which I've not only added few really special people who follow my blog but also connected to few other very special people via social networking whom I met through my blog. Most importantly, I want to thank you for following my blog and for persisting few of the not so interesting posts. I'm extremely humble to you for sometimes patiently ignoring the posts out of your areas of interest without making the effort of Not-following my blog.

I always wanted to write a thank you post for you very special people who follow my blog, but somehow it kept dragging and today I thought I would let my heart to you. Thanks for all the love. Cheers :)