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Saturday, June 11, 2011


Hey there, I just got an update from the Faqden labs that the latest version of the best vocabulary iPhone app is live on the Apple itune store. The newest version is IntelliVocab 1.2 and it is all set for free download on the Apple itunestore.

Few of you who are still thinking what IntelliVocab is? Then let me tell you in brief about it. IntelliVocab is the best and the coolest vocabulary building iPhoneapp, and for me the amazing part is- it’s free!! IntelliVocab is basically an education app for vocabulary building and it is very useful for the people who are trying to improve their English vocabulary or who are preparing for the completive examinations such as GMAT, GRE or SAT. Fortunately, I got the opportunity to review this amazing vocabulary building iPhone app since the time it was launched. Moreover, there have been many people who have inquired about it in the past so in order to just keep everybody in the loop I keep posting the updates on what is happening on that front :) …See I’m so helpful, isn’t it?

In a brief interview from USA, the founder of the Faqden Labs, Irfan, told me that the recent version of IntelliVocab i.e. 1.2 has been launched with few interesting changes in the algorithm for providing users with better opportunities to learn English Vocabulary. There have been few amazing color coding changes to highlight the antonym questions along with the introduction of new “Rate It” feature. In this short interview the founder of the Faqden lab also revealed the staggering figures of IntelliVocab’s recent success. He said- “our app is rated as the top 3 app in the Education category on the Apple’s App-store. We have handsomely defeated the other 34963 apps in education category to reach this amazing feat. It’s amazing because we have achieved this within 2 weeks of our first release”.

So, once again the latest features added to the coolest vocabulary building iPhone app in IntelliVocab 1.2 are:
1. Improved algorithm to mix up the practice words with different characters       
2. Added “Rate It” feature
3. Added color coding to highlight the antonym question

IntelliVocab 1.2 is an amazing iPhone app and I insist you to try it after all few good things in the world are still free ;)