The Very Special People


Sunday, August 29, 2010


It’s was a Sunday evening and I reached the grocery store but only to discover a long queue at the store. Helplessly, I joined the line, but thinking what m I going to do for the next 15-20minutes in this queue. Suddenly, the gentleman in front of me took out his cellphone, it was Apple’s iPhone. He started scrolling through various applications on his iphone. Sometimes giggling, sometimes thinking, the gentleman kept playing with his iPhone and passed his time.

Yes iPhones, which in the last few years have become the full fledged computers with hundreds of applications running on them, let people relieve the boredom of the grocery store lines, exercising, traffic jams or lulls in the dinner conversations. The iPhone applications make the tiniest of the halts in one’s life entertaining, and many a times potentially productive. The research studies showcase the fact very clearly that iPhone users spend a great amount of time playing with the iPhone applications rather than talking on the phone, this also justifies the huge popularity of the iPhone applications among the iPhone users.

One of the main reason behind the huge popularity of iPhone applications is their wide range. Not only the iPhone applications are innovative but also their creativity is in abundance, and there are still several millions of territories unexplored. The scope of innovation and creativity is large and Apple Inc. has made sure that creativity is not restricted by allowing everyone and anyone to develop iPhone application.

For the developers, the iPhone application development has become a gold path, a short cut to achieve fame and money at the same time. Already across the globe there have been developers who have shot to fame overnight.

As the iPhone applications revolution started spreading, the Indian market also got the taste of it and many freelancer developers along with the companies jumped into the iPhone application development business. Cost is always a crucial factor, and India with its sharp technical and innovative minds has capitalized the iPhone application development market, and already the impact is visible. Sourcebits, a software development company with offices in Bangalore, India and Atlanta, USA established in April 2006, has become a one stop solution for the iPhone application development.

Sourcebits was among the first developers awarded an official iPhone Developer License from Apple. Sourcebits iPhone applications and games like- SnakeXT, Night Stand and PocketBracket were rated among the Top 100 in Apple iTunes Store. Night Stand- a simpler bedside clock was among the Top 3 apps at one point of time, the application became an instant hit with its simplicity and neat style.

With the continuous flair for the iPhone applications picking and the technology world responding it with the equal zeal has spiced up a great deal for the iPhone users. Clearly, the tech-busy minds across the world are having no downtime whatsoever while others are standing blank in the long grocery queues, thanks to iPhone apps. :-)