The Very Special People


Sunday, July 25, 2010


There will always be a time in your life when the positivistic beliefs that you have been following for long time start paying off, there will be a sudden change of wind in your favor, and everything whatever you wanted will start coming true; this is the time when you are awarded for your self-belief, hard work, patience, and sustainability during the not so good time.

I’m sure you would agree to the point that nothing in life comes to you without your constant efforts towards it. In your heart, you know that how desperately you have been waiting for that day of your life when the thing that you always wanted so hard, is coming to you. Believe it or not it’s your own constant efforts for that thing, which you wanted so badly, is making it happen for you. You got to believe in yourself. Ironically, how many times we hear these words in our lives, and I’m absolutely sure you won’t find a single individual who says- I don’t believe in myself, yet every now and then we have to take our decisions and direct our lives on the basis of our self-beliefs. So, now the question arises if all the people in this world believe in themselves then why et al we have failures? Why all of us do not succeed in whatever we are doing?

Well even though the question is difficult, but the answer is simple- we lie to ourselves. Yes, we lie to our potential, we lie to our talent and we lie to ourselves. Few people keep on playing with their mind and soul, they just put a patch of cloth in front of their eyes and keep ignoring the realities, they don’t exactly know what they can perform properly, they don’t evaluate anything about themselves, and they don’t have any analysis on what they are going to be part of. Still amidst the unknown reality they lie that it’s possible for them to do it, they have their self belief intact and they believe it’s something they can do it. There is a very rare chance of success in such a situation, soon you discover the reality and then you hardly have any of the so called self belief left in you. On the other side, we have the ones who are successful and it was their constant self belief that has brought them to the ladder of success.

There is a very thin line between the person’s real belief in self and the illusion of self-belief, the one who lies about the self belief just think that it’s always present in them but the one who actually succeeds questions self belief thousands of times before they are ready to take the dip in the leap of faith. Even though self belief might not be as strong in the mind of real believer yet he is 100% out of dilemma about it, he has the capability to build on what he already got and he will gain from his present situation. Next, he is also mentally prepared that even though there might be big obstacles and there might be many failures but he has to reach what he is aiming for. Now this is called the real self belief!!

The biggest difference between the one who is a true self believer and the one who is not is that- once the failure strikes the one who is a liar, the whole self belief thing comes to an end and now, he wants to do something else. Worst is the failure doesn’t even bothers him and he feels its better to be part of a comfortable solution then wasting time for something which is not possible. Yet the one, who is a strong believer, lifts his spirits and focus on the areas that have cost him the failure, and builds on them. From here on his self belief is lifted a level up and his belief in the idea of self grows many a fold and the intense self belief becomes even larger. So, it’s important to not lie but accept what you are first and then work towards your goal i.e. what real self belief is all about- be yourself first, then built on what you are, and work towards what you want to be!!

“Too many people overvalue what they are not and undervalue what they are"~ Malcolm S. Forbes