The Very Special People


Monday, March 3, 2008

I collapsed to reborn . . .

I collapsed to reborn . . .

Living life king size, it was me.
Happiness all around, it was me the cynosure.
Ebullient, people used to call me.
I was poised, I was confident.
I was fealty(loyal), I was fruitful.
No doubt it was the best of me.

But one day it all ended.
Something happened which I never expected,
It was so gauche I never thought in my weirdest of thoughts.
Shattered were the dreams for which I was living. .
I lost interest in all Me, Myself and Life !!!

Never in my life I felt, I was so weak,
But then this was it, I indeed was !!
Somehow I revealed, something
about me which I needed to know.

For every consequence there is a reason
And this time I somehow wanted to ignore it.
The reason itself was so impeccable,
That I never wanted it to be the reason. . .
But deep inside, I knew it was The Reason.

Why it happened, how it happened ..
All kind of questions were erupting in my mind.
But I was clueless and yet I was
supporting the dilemma which caused it.

Surprisingly, the reason for reason to happen was making me happy.
This is something which shocked me and gave me shivers.
This was not me, I cant be like that . .
But the unlike me was only me and
I was supporting the reason of my collapse . .

As the reason happened, I unleashed one more power of me.
It was the real me, the power was - -
Being happy and importantly Seeing others happy.
This made me flamboyant enough to overcome my weakness
And as they say it - - after every dark night there is a sunny morning !!

The universe started sending me the signals again . .
It was of happiness, harmony and peace, all returned to me.
I bounced back, for sure with more powers
And of course, with new zealot to conquer the world again.
I knew, I m reborn !!

The enigma was over. The swindle of life was over.
I have new reasons this time . .
But not for collapse but for re-incarnation.
The re-incarnation, the rebirth of happiness . .
The birth of joy. . .!!

--- I M BACK ;-)
(Vivek Nanda)