The Very Special People


Friday, July 31, 2009


One day I was going in an elevator from ground floor to 7th floor in this building, where my office is located. I was nicely dressed with the perfect fragrance of my perfume coming out of my formal clothes. I like the fragrance more when I can smell it even better inside the elevator and makes me feel really good. Unfortunately, on that day I got the shock of my life in the elevator. My whole expression got changed to a disgusted looking face I could have ever made in my life as I became the victim of the most ferocious of the FARTS, which the mankind had ever witnessed.

Trust me it was so terribly bad that my mouth was automatically sealed and there was no breath coming out of my nose. My facial expression as I saw in the mirror hanging in the elevator was a unique one, which I ever produced and it was the mixture of both anger and disgust simultaneously. Soon, everyone else in the elevator was looking at each other. Everyone in the lift was suspecting one another and looking for that man of the moment, the very special GASSEOUS CLAY. But everybody in the elevator, giving the best acting performances of their lives and expressing the same thing with their different styles that- "I did not do it but is it you?" including the real GASSEOUS CLAY.

Luckily, the light of the elevator for 7th floor blinked and my moment of horror came to an end. I came out of the elevator and inhaled my life back. Soon, I realized that like we have separate zones for things such as Smoking, Eating etc; there is a serious need of "FART ZONES". I know we might not have thought about it earlier but we surely need it because we have no right to make people suffer due to our heavy meals. May be FARTS are so sudden that an individual hardly gets time to reach out to a safe FARTING ZONE but whatever it is - if we cannot have FARTING ZONES atleast we should need NO FARTING ZONES :-)


I believe today we are in the era where women are very much self dependent and there are very few ladies who stay at home like a perfect house wives of the yester years. However, even if they are staying it’s by choice rather than any compulsion. I can see a complete makeover for women from the sacrificial image of MATA SITA to the self-dependent elegant ladies like SUSHMITA SEN, who is an ex-Miss Universe and a single actress mother of an adopted child. I think the momentum and the balance have shifted so perfectly well in the society that today women are standing tall, neck to neck with everyone else in the competition. Certainly, it gives me immense satisfaction. I know this revolution has not happened overnight or in few days but it took generations and a complete history to narrate how the ladies turned the tides and finally landed to be what they are today – a Self Confident & a Self Independent Soul.

I think time has transformed a lot and has already surpassed the haunting blues of past when a birth of a girl was considered to be a moment of morn. In fact, the girl is considered to be a LAKSHMI and she literally does because the ultra-mod parents of new India nourishes their girls no less than a future Miss India or beauty queen who will bring fame and mullah. The older time when the word Sacrifice and Women were synonymous to each other has taken a complete deep plunge into the past and today women have taken a brand new avatar of the Bold and the Beautiful. The shift is visible when I see the girls on the streets wearing the comfortable looking shorts and top rather than the choking salwar kurtees. It pleasures my eyes to the most when I see a lady with her untidy hair yet stylish walking in the middle of road oozing with confidence. Size zero is in and the women want to be slim.

I think woman has one thing so special which cannot be found anywhere in the world, which is called feminism. I reckon men surely cannot find anything which is so curvy, beautiful, glamorous and exotic on this planet. On the contrary, I see that women have caused a serious identity crisis for the men. It’s hard to digest but it is true. For instance whenever I go to mall for shopping, I see all the shops filled with women stuff. If at all by luck I go to a big branded store with variety in merchandise, it will at the most have jeans, shirts and t-shirts for me but for ladies, they have tops, t-shirts, skirts, shorts, sarees, suits, one-pieces, sleeve-less etc etc. Come on, we live in a same world. This makes me feel like a citizen with limited rights in my own country. Even worst is when I have to go for a party, my wardrobe will most of the times consist of the same old universal dress code of men, which is a shirt and a trouser and for ladies hmmm…I m too jealous of the vast options they have wooooof!!!

I really do see the ecosystem being changed where “What Men Wants” has changed to “What Women Wants”. In fact the all so amused male dominant society is digging the secrets of how women are managing the many roles together of a wife, a home maker, a daughter and a business tycoon.

I see the changing face and empowerment of women clearly visible. There are more TV shows about the women than men. Every girl wants to be a teen diva or a pit girl in a reality show and that doesn’t stop her from flaunting a bikini on air. I feel ladies are ruling the corporate sectors be it taking advantage of their beauty with brains or weakness of men but as they say it everything is fair in love and war. I think it’s the women power, women era, and yet I m sure all men love them and need them in their life. After all there is always a woman behind a successful man.