The Very Special People


Wednesday, September 16, 2009


I remember there were times in the past when a clear distinction of seasons in a year was visible. There were winters during a certain fixed time in a year then there were rains during another fixed time in a year and similarly, there were summers at another fixed time in a year.

During winters, I used to enjoy the early freezing mornings along with my quilt and as the day used to progress my la-affaire with the sun used to soar high. I would love to see the shining sky and I would most cherish the scene of sunlight spreading everywhere across the surroundings and neutralizing the chilling effects. The rains were like the blessings, like a wave of freshness. The scenes around me in the community, just before the down pore were unforgettable. I always felt the strong buzz in the atmosphere and among the people just before the rain starts. I remember people used to celebrate rains, they used to dance, they used to watch the rains with their open windows and doors, they used to party with their amigos and the whole scene was no less than a special festival. Same joy and a bright beginning were visible during the summers, everyone was so excited about it. The extended days and the daily twilight were the best two things in the summers. We all used to enjoy every season with the utmost pleasure but later the things have changed in the last few years.

Suddenly, the ice started melting in the polar region, the sea levels started rising all across and the water temperatures in the sea and rivers started rising everywhere around the world. The seasons have started being non-periodic, which season starts when has become a dilemma and the worst is their duration is becoming harder to predict. The weather has become so much unpredictable like an ugly boss, whose mood can swing anytime in any direction. One moment I was listening to the news in the television about the draught and its economic effects and just few days past, shockingly, the same news channel started showing the photographs of the same area now being hit by severe rainfalls and got hit by flood. All of a sudden, a rare species of a sea mammal became extinct in the polar region. There is a sharp change in the life of living beings especially in the polar region.

I wonder what happened to the ecosystem of the most beautiful planet in the universe. Most areas of the world are going through long seasons of bright sunshine, which have started irritating us, we no more love the summers since it has became the longest season in the whole year. Due to the complete eco system-misbalance weird things are happening all around the world, few of the diseases which were near to their dead end and about to be eradicated inhaled a new life and spreading like so much pace as it never did before. Thanks to the warm weather, the diseases like Malaria are not eradicated yet. As the temperature of oceans rises, so will the probability of more frequent and stronger hurricanes. We saw in this in 2004 and 2005. All these uncertainties, the draughts, the floods, the hurricanes, everything is sucking away the economic stability of all the countries around the world and beyond all, it has put question mark over the life of our grand children’s and our great grand children’s.

I still want to ask you- Do you really don’t know the reason to all these mishaps?? Do you still going to shove away from GLOBAL WARMING? Are you still going to ignore the fact that – GLOBAL WARMING is pushing us towards a dead end, the end of life on earth? Please don’t blind fold your self on seeing the word- GLOBAL WARMING. Please don’t give up as easily and rise against it. Take a pledge to save the living beings on this planet and promise to do your bit in fighting against the Global Warming.

Lets stop emitting greenhouse gases(GHGs) today, the Earth would still warm by another degree Fahrenheit or so. But what we do from today forward makes a big difference. We consider ourselves the most intelligent species alive, right? So, how about in finding new ideas and innovative ways to cut the effects of Global Warming. Lets look for energy alternatives, and harness the air in motion, the wind energy to the maximum. Lets support today urging everyone to support a low energy efficiency standard and a high renewable electricity standard. If you still believe that working against the GLOBAL WARMING is just a wasteful of time then I would request you to see the video once again and realize that you just don’t have responsibility of your species but of all the living beings on this planet. Think about it and try doing something to stop the Global Warming, please make an effort.

PS: My Special Thanks To “Quercus” for making the video on Global Warming and making me awake against it.