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Sunday, July 10, 2011


It has been just over 10 days since the launch of, my very own social project, and there are already over 10 fellow bloggers who have felt the serious need of such a platform of socially like minded people and have joined in my mission of using their words of wisdom in spreading awareness about their respective social causes.

Few of you who have missed my previous post and curious about what iBlog4aCause is then in short- “I Blog For A Cause (iBlog4aCause)” is a social project that provides bloggers a platform to showcase their Social Responsibility. It is a community where you can share a cause that you support and where the fellow members help each other to spread the word over the internet. If you want more information on iBlog4aCause then visit this link.

I'm overwhelmed with your huge interest and curiosity about iBlog4aCause. I'm delighted that a lot of people have shown a keen interest in being a part of this socially responsible blogging site-, and have promised to send their post soon. I really appreciate all your support and your enthusiasm to be socially responsible bloggers.

Once again I'm thankful to the people who have joined iBlog4aCause and I welcome each one of you to be part of it. I'm sure, each one of us has an idea for a social cause and each on of us wants to do something for that very special social cause and make some difference.

I believe together we all can make a difference!!
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