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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

10 things you need to do in order to sack your boss

The boss has always been the undisputed king at the work arena. The boss orders and the employee have to follow him without any rebel. Unfortunately, all bosses are not good to work with, some of them are like devils, who came into our work lives to make it worse and keep on spoiling it. If the things go even worst, the possibility is the boss can sack us. But how can you surrender yourself completely to your boss? How bad it is to loose all your control and act like a numb to whatever have been ordered?
Seriously, it’s a “curse of life” to work under such dominating barbaric bosses. Why not we turn the tables around and get the boss sacked. Yes, you might be thinking- Are You Serious? But indeed, it’s feasible after all the boss is dependent on the employee to get the things done. So, let’s check out 10 ways to sack the boss out of the job:

FORM A CLOSE RELATIONSHIP WITH THE BIG BOSS: If you can have a better relationship with your boss’s boss than it is very much possible for you to get your boss sacked. You can always take your big boss under confidence and put a bad mouth about your boss, until he is fired.

GET ILL AT THE LAST MOMENT OF AN IMPORTANT DELIVERY: You know there is something very urgent of utmost importance needs to be delivered which has been promised by your boss. Your boss is completely dependent on you for that and the clients are on his head for it. This is probably the best time for you to get him kicked out of the company so what you do next – you get ill in a total bed rest condition at that critical time for your boss. You know all blame will go to your boss and he will get fired.

MAKE YOUR TEAM MEMBERS TO HATE YOUR BOSS: When you hate your boss, make sure you are not the only one who does it. Always discuss the negative points of your boss with the team. If your team members are not convinced, make them convince by some false statements against themselves by the boss. You have to provoke them for going against the boss and complaining to the higher management to remove him.

KEEP THE BOSS IN THE DARK: If your boss is your biggest enemy then keep your boss away from all the useful information about the work. Portray false yet attractive images in front of your boss. At the time of crunch situation bypass your boss to become pilot in the eyes of higher management.

CONSPIRACY: If you have a close female companion in your team, try to bring her close to your boss and then draw a conspiracy by saving the flirt chats between herself and the boss. Later on, by passing the chat transcripts to the HR-department, you are making sure some strict action being taken against your boss.

DIVIDE AND RULE: Sometimes, you need to be a real politician and have to inculcate the divide and rule formula between your boss and rest of the team. By doing this you have actually taken your boss in your complete confidence and more or less boss is in your full control, which in literal terms is nothing but you being the boss rather than the actual boss.

MAKE THE BOSS LOOK DUMB IN MANAGEMENT MEETINGS: It’s important you give all the wrong and incomplete facts and figures to your boss for the management meeting. Later on, when he is explaining the same you keep popping up with questions and proving him wrong with the correct information. By doing that you are scoring a lot of points against your boss and your boss might just get fired.

START YOUR OWN BUSINESS: It’s a pretty bold move to sack your boss, what you need to do is- Start your own business. By doing that you have become your own boss and you just fired your boss from being your boss.

TELL YOUR BOSS’S SPOUSE ABOUT HIS AFFAIR AT WORKPLACE: If your boss is dating a girl from your team and you got to know about it. Than you start trying and collecting all the proofs against him and one good day inform everything to his wife in an anonymous mode. The dearest boss’s wife will not allow him to come to office for sure and in one sense he is fired.

USING YOUR BOSS’S LOGIN AND DOING STUFF AGAINST COMPANY POLICIES: Most of the companies have a strict compliance nowadays. If you are a smart player then this could be a strong point for you to capitalize. Somehow, get your boss’s pc login and password and break the company compliance. He will be caught and fired for it.