The Very Special People


Wednesday, December 19, 2007

“I”( A POEM)


Life was moving smoothly
Just like the birds flying in the sky…
I was facing the problems
Like the leaves passing through the rocks in the river…
But as the river was unstoppable, so was I
Still we both kept going on a high.

Sometimes amusing, sometimes eerie
Time was moving and so was I.
I did not want to think of past
But just access it to know what I missed,
For which I will work for rest of my life.

I know what I want to do.
But every time I achieved one,
Still my list was getting high.
Good or bad but this attribute of mine,
Has never let me satisfy.
Knowing it’s a cul-de-sac…
I was yet cormorant to go by.

I was coy, I was cherubic…
That let me ignore the comely passing by.
But Destiny pushed me in chasm all the time.
Buffoonery of life continued
And I became my own braggadocio!!

Lessons are learnt and I learnt few.
The rules were simple but this was quite new.
The people whom you love the most,
Is the one whom you hurt the most ! !
To others you don’t matter and to whom you matter,
Only they can feel you.

This enigmatic truth of life,
I revealed, I understood
It was rude…
Why would I hurt who cares for me ??
But the truth is truth…
Today I understood the complexity of life…
But I m glad you were there just by my side.

Lord, thanx for giving such people in my life.
Bearing me through and yet pushing me by.
Thanx to you PEOPLE for being my
And always love you all …
For just being MY !!

-Vivek Nanda

Sunday, December 9, 2007

A POEM :People – The World

People – The World

The World is big but yet Vociferous,
It’s beautiful but yet filled with Virulent thoughts ..
The World is cherubic but yet deceptive,
It’s dexterous but yet destructive..
The World is poised but yet full of sinfulness…
It’s everything but yet nothing.

Soon I realized, it’s not the World but something else
Its not the World but people who is the World..
What I see, which is the World..
Cannot be thought without the people…
And surely they are The WORLD..

People are good, people are bad.
Truth is, its how people are to you..
But not …how they are!!
We love them, we hate them.
But its all relative.
What you give, is what you get.

People love the truth…
But only when its in their favor.
Else it always soar.
But that’s the way it goes..
After all this is the only way we know.

People are boon and they are bane..
The one who get troublesome influence are BANE.
Others who influence the world with good, are BOON.
Yes, that’s the truth..the INFLUENCE is what makes a person..
What all learnt …what all inculcated …
Superlative or abysmal…
Noisome or useful…
Love or hatred…
Is what a person is !!

Lets vie away the odds
And vicissitude the world…
Like a queen – the beautiful.
Lets be perspicacious to fraternize..
Be virtuoso to affluent…
Be fraternal to harmonize..
Be turbulent to debacle the bad..
Be just the good, to make the world..
Because its you and only you ..who is the world !!

-- Vivek Nanda

Sunday, November 25, 2007

A POEM : -- Falling in love . . .

Falling in love . . .

Days came, days went..
I was always for myself, thinking just myself.
Carefree, like a butterfly..
I was jumping from one flower to next,
Whichever came next.

I and my cupidity of success..
Took me away, away from amigos
away from relations.
Yet like a triumphant soldier
I was going ahead, leaving all behind.

Narcissism was inculcating in me.
I was loving myself the most.
It was enigmatic, it was strange
But I knew it will pass,
Just like a phase in a life.

One day, I broached with a girl..
Almost like a star from one galaxy to the next,
it went so smoothly and all in a joy.
I thought it was just a moment of my life
And will soon ebb away.

Again, days came, days went..
I was eclectic, don’t know why??
The conundrum was ugly..
But yet engender the joy.
We were going along..
Just ordinarily . .
but the feeling went across extra-ordinarily.

Life inhaled a new life,
Surely, the Heart was in reckoning this time.
I was getting poised, behind her.
But just the sight of her put me in - - aphasia! !

I was shy and I thought, I came over it..
But seemed like the love caught up the real me.
Again shy, but arduously in love..
Wanted her but don’t know why??

Falling in love …
Is what I can sense it out..
But falling is what scares me, lord..
So please make us RISE in love.
Together, in happiness and grief.

- - Vivek Nanda

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Leave the CAT , catch the DOG !!!

Yesterday only a whopping 2.25lac people all over the country with their dream's of becoming the CEO's and to make huge bucks ofcoz gave the CAT - Common Entrance Test....undoubtebly the MOTHER OF ALL EXAMS for sure.The people here just wanted to give the CAT , everybody just wanted to bell the CAT this time ...for some its their boring same old job and for others the big package (post-MBA) and for some unprepared guys like me ,the excuse was to "TASTE THE CAT" in the hope to get the preparation started atleast so that one can do well next year.This time too i went unprepared in the exam dont know why and well the reason could be from anything to everything my busy office which only offers me work and more work to never let me free:-) .....or i was never that interested to do it this time.Well, second one sounds better atleast i take all the blame for what all has happened.

Anyways as they say it "PAST is PAST".But guess What, just even before those more than 2lakh people who will not get selected this time to good B-School got over with the trauma of not getting selected this time...i read this really confusing article in TIMES OF INDIA.... The article was titled as -- DOGS 'TEACH' MANAGEMENT .
Below the title a header was written saying --- " Skills Can Be Learnt By Observing Dogs: LEADERSHIP GURUS "....Well ofcoz u will feel proud of yourself that you made the complete mess of your CAT this time.Why would one have to burn the late night oils if one can simply have a DOG :-).

Just when i started reading it,it says -- Homework for management students : Go home and observe your dog.If you dont have one have one,get one immediately.Instead of spending hours pouring over case studies you would do better to just look at the dogs and learn from them.
SURPRISED ?? Well, thats the advice from leadership gurus Sherri McArdle and Jim Ramerman. Well i never heard about these GURUS. But seems like they are big time DOG lovers or they have a company who sell dogs , well whatever, may be the case these guys sounds great only because i read this article in TIMES :-).

Hmmm, these guys wrote some really funny experiences of their's like the book they wrote titled -- Why Dogs Wag Their Tails: Lessons Leaders Can Learn About Work, Joy and Life.Well both were spotted saying that -- I have learned alot from my dog that applies to my professional life.In short, I learn better work-life balance from my pooch.
O my god, the answer to my hidden mystery after all, my manager is already pissed of me answering this question about how i will better my work-life balance if i keep on getting so much work daily. Well my dear sweet manager you could have just shown me the "POOCH" woh bhi kutte ke pooch(DOG's Tail).

These guys might have written their true real life experiences with the DOG's but i dont have one but surly now that the MANTRA has been disclosed i may soon rule my company :-).
Just few things more they said was - "Managing a dog is also an everyday growth experience,if we open ourselves upto the lessons we cab learn".Well i agree to this i have seen people struggling alot with their dogs funny incident being --When some fine day you are expecting some good close relatives at your place and just before they are inn your "SOFA" gets dirty with some natural processes of your DOG wont feel good at all ...imagine your Boss is invited to dinner and as soon as his family enters your house your DOG bites your Boss's you are fired believe me.

Well whatever may be the case after doing so bad in CAT and listening to the BARKING of DOGS outside my house just make me inspire to forget the CAT and to owe the DOG ...WHAT YA SAY ???

Friday, November 16, 2007



Whenever you will come, my girl,
The flowers will blossom all around…
The clouds will shower,
But, the blessings,
in the rhapsody of the harmony.

Your eyes are glittering …
Smitten by them, I go numb.
Unknowingly your eyes gave promises in abundance...
My heart beats on seeing them and love them the most.

The world of dream starts shining …
As I see you caper all over.
Loosing your sight for a while …
Making this world more than futile.

You come, you talk and you smile with me ….
But every time you go.
Agony of letting you go ….
Makes me cadge from inside saying please don’t go, please don’t go….
Letting my heart to chafe, you still go.

Seeing you with others, frets me…
But never had the courage to avow the same.
My heart makes me the vorticist of my life…
But the cynosure is only you, behind all lines.

Thoughts flows, thoughts erupts
All in my heart wandering in sea..
Like a yacht lost its way….
Waiting for zephyr to push it away.

I cede my heart and soul to you,
Because its you…………
And believe me, its ONLY YOU ! ! !

--- Vivek Nanda

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Why Softswitches,really hard on class 5 switches

I am here trying to compare the operational and so called the buzzy word -- "economic" impact of traditional TDM-based Class-5 switches with Voip enabled Softswitches.I have tried to put analysis on the Total Cost of Ownership and revenue opportunities in using the Softswitch Vs Class 5 switch.
In a recent studies by the world body of network-improvement strategy management ,it clearly shows that CAPX(capital expenditure) for Softswitches is shown to be 71-75% lower than its other analogous counterpart when all 24 channels of DS0 channels are filled with revenue services and 61-65% lower when only one-half of the available voice channels being used.
These costs include the envirnmental expenses --floor spaces,power,cooling,battery & maintenance and other expenses.Softswitch expenses are 12% of circuit switch expense.This is because the very smallest Circuit Switch occupies several equipment cabinets each of which is 50% larger than the telecom rack while a softswitch capable of 100,000 plus capacity take 1/3rd of the space.
In terms of technical aspects, Voip supports a 2:1 voice compression protocol on T1 lines , otherwise in in TDM we have to dedicatly provide lines to customers 24hours even though he may not be using it.
The Voip enabled softswitch services are faster and lower in cost to provisioning of new services and adds, moves and changes to the existing services to TDM switch.Since, such a robust software system supports the strong automated provisioning and service system and web based customer orders we need not have to do installation of T1 lines manually on 24 channels of DS0's.Again saving a lot of time and labour.
If these statistics to be believed --

cost of class 5 switch $6251 vs Softswitch $1000(for 20 pots provisioning & 256kbps internet)

To conclude, taking all above points into consideration we can only say that SOFTSWITCH indeed is to be HARDER on Class 5 switch !!!