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Saturday, October 2, 2010


Just little over a couple of months ago, I took a pledge to keep my heart healthy as part of the Billion Hearts Beating campaign. This was a fabulous initiative taken by the "Times of India Group" in collaboration with The "Apollo Group of Hospitals", and most of you would remember that I wrote a sad but a true post about it requesting all of you to take a pledge to improve your health, to better your lifestyle and to start loving your heart. In case you forgot it, I request you to please read this post again- PLEASE LOVE YOUR HEART.

In my opinion, the campaign was a real success and it definitely has opened a lot of eyes and most importantly, a tons of Hearts. The USP for this campaign was the way it was implemented. The huge amount of marketing done indeed made a big difference. Yet, the winners were none other than the people who got so much information in the simplest of form through this mega campaign. The campaign really had a mass appeal.

Yet, one of the most unusual gifts of the creator- "the volatile mind", forgets all the things after sometime; And I'm very sure most of us would have became a little careless if not completely forgotten our pledges that we took couple of months ago as part of the Billion Hearts Campaign. Being very much aware of the biggest weaknesses of the human nature, the organizers of the campaign have made sure the campaign is not just forgotten with the time by now sending a special e-mail to each pledge taker.

Yes, I've got a mail !! In the e-mail, I have received an acknowledgment that certifies- "I took the pledge". Also, in the mail I have received a 12-page booklet attached giving valuable and basic information about the various heart diseases such as Hypertension, Heart Attack, Angina, diabetes etc. Truly, speaking I'm delighted to receive the acknowledgement and the very useful booklet along with it. Also, at the same time I do realize that along with me the readers of my blog post- PLEASE LOVE YOUR HEART also took the pledge and many of them live outside India. So, I decided to share this certificate with all of you here, this belongs to all of you. Also, I will be happy to e-mail you that 12-page booklet if you are interested.

I'm glad, we are changing because the change is visible. I'm glad there are still such campaigns. I'm glad there are still so many people who react to what they read and I'm glad that now you will do something to change your lifestyle to make it better. THANK YOU & LET OUR HEARTS KEEP BEATING !!


Monday, September 27, 2010


I was driving this weekend, helping a friend to move to his new house. Yet, sometimes even the moving part is the most relaxing part with lots of fun involved.