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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Terrorism...Is there a SOLUTION ??

No matter what you do, no matter where you stay,no matter what are you doing in your life, no matter how much you are bothered about the happenings in and around you but still its so hard to take away your family, your children, your lover and your soul away from the scariest of the word in the dictionary called TERRORISM !!!

I may be Albert Einstein, I may be Graham Bell, I may be the Steve Jobs or Bill Gates, I may be the richest of the person on this Planet but still I dont have answer to the biggest problem of the world, which has become so unavoidable and unstoppable in the recent times, yes I dont have answer to TERRORISM. I may be studying in Oxford or I may be doing a research in MIT or I may be working in Google or I may be signing the Nuclear Treaty in the World Conference but my disgrace is I would still dont know when and where can I be hit with the anonymous tornado of terrorism.

When I was born and as I grew up, I never knew who the terrorist was ?? If at all I got to know, I never used to pay attention to it as it was really of a mere attention at that time. But at present, what I see and what this world has changed into has only a sorrow story to tell, the story of 9/11, the story of Taliban, the story of Mumbai(India) attacks.

I dont know why the agenda's of political parties still hovers around Poverty, Unemployment, Education or SC/ST reservations and why not its about TERRORISM. The pity is, for all such problems you can see and analyse the problem, and you can come up with a solution to it but how about TERRORISM? Do we have any certain formula for it? Well the answer is an obvious BIG NO!!

I sometimes really feel pity on the great nations of the world, the reasons why I m saying so are numerous. We are hit by floods, we are hit by eathquakes, we are hit by train accidents, we are hit by road accidents but we can come over it all. At an individual level we may lose our job, we may have no money, we may have so many bucket full of problems in everybody's life but for all these problems we are aware and we are facing it because of some reasons, which we either know or we may get to know in sometime but how about TERRORISM. Even now we are unable to understand why a Terrorist attack happened or what was the terrorist's intention, he killed everybody and got killed in the end. Do I know why my relative or my friend or somebody's wife or somebody's daughter died because of Terrorism ....No No No!!
We never have the answer to this "Why".

We can give huge money to our cricketers, who hit 6 sixes or won us a match against any country but how about an eyewitness child, who helped us drew the portrait of the terrorist who ran away. What about the common people who dont even know eachother at that worst moment of life their lives, who kept on holding the injured and helped them shift to the hospitals. Leave the money, the situation is so bad that we cant even gurantee the police protection to the eyewitnesses. Thank God people have humanity still alive in them, which pushes them to help people in such crisis circumstances.

Even though, how much I praise our people or how much I take pride in insulting our government or the system but in the end, when I think who are the actual catalysts for all those inhumane, barbaric, heartless acts, I go in dilemma of what I was thinking about our people because after all who is a TERRORIST? He is born among us only, he is a part of this society only.

I m scared and I m even more worried because I dont see a solution to what is happening and how to stop it. In my mind, soul and heart I know I have to stop the Terrorism but what is the answer?

Is there a solution to terrorism? Is there any solution?