The Very Special People


Sunday, December 9, 2007

A POEM :People – The World

People – The World

The World is big but yet Vociferous,
It’s beautiful but yet filled with Virulent thoughts ..
The World is cherubic but yet deceptive,
It’s dexterous but yet destructive..
The World is poised but yet full of sinfulness…
It’s everything but yet nothing.

Soon I realized, it’s not the World but something else
Its not the World but people who is the World..
What I see, which is the World..
Cannot be thought without the people…
And surely they are The WORLD..

People are good, people are bad.
Truth is, its how people are to you..
But not …how they are!!
We love them, we hate them.
But its all relative.
What you give, is what you get.

People love the truth…
But only when its in their favor.
Else it always soar.
But that’s the way it goes..
After all this is the only way we know.

People are boon and they are bane..
The one who get troublesome influence are BANE.
Others who influence the world with good, are BOON.
Yes, that’s the truth..the INFLUENCE is what makes a person..
What all learnt …what all inculcated …
Superlative or abysmal…
Noisome or useful…
Love or hatred…
Is what a person is !!

Lets vie away the odds
And vicissitude the world…
Like a queen – the beautiful.
Lets be perspicacious to fraternize..
Be virtuoso to affluent…
Be fraternal to harmonize..
Be turbulent to debacle the bad..
Be just the good, to make the world..
Because its you and only you ..who is the world !!

-- Vivek Nanda