The Very Special People


Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Life is amazing, Life is unpredictable,
For an instance it's like a stopped train, going no where.
But another, it's like a roller coaster, with new twisty turns.

Life comes in phases, one followed by another.
Sometimes its joy, sometimes its sad.
Sometimes its panic, sometimes its calm.
Sometimes its satisfaction, sometimes its greed.
Sometimes its success, sometimes its failure.
But that's Life, we accept it, we live it.

Never get clung to Life.
Let the old phase pass, Let the new phase enter.
The bad phase has to go, The good one has to takeover.
But nothing is permanent, not even life.
Success also fades away, only to make way for the future successes to come.
That's Life, we have to move on, we have to go on.

Don't get depressed,
Failures are like a slippery step of a stair to success,
You fall, you get up,
You again fall, you again get up,
But you will never get stuck, until you try again and again,
You will cross the step, you will reach to the pinnacle,
The pinnacle of success, the pinnacle of Life.