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Saturday, September 24, 2011


Hello people, we are in the middle of the weekend over here in India, and I'm going through mixed feelings about something really close to my heart. For the last couple of weeks I was working on my "Social Responsibility" project and finally, today in the morning I changed the website for the same to a completely new look. I think it has turned out the way I wanted, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed to hear your comments about the same. I invite you visit my new website here -

Along with the website makeover, I've also added a lot of new features to it.One of the feature that will be of interest to a lot of you who really want to make a difference by using the power of your words is- "iBLOG4ACAUSE" partners with various small and big firms who want to market their products over the internet using the power of blog marketing. iBlog4aCause will charge these partner companies on a per post basis or for a fixed amount as per the negotiated deal with the partner company. Whatever may be the deal, iBlog4aCause will publish the details for the same in the invitational post to the bloggers. The money raised from the partner companies will then be used for a social cause, and all its details and proofs will be published on in the subsequent future posts.
iBlog4aCause will publish a post on its website with the complete details as per the requirements and the guidelines of the partner company, inviting bloggers to write a blog-spot about the same on their own blogs. Each blogger interested to do a blog-post for the partner company will have to first comment against the invitational post published on expressing its willingness for the same, and later on posting a new comment with the link to your original blog-post for the partner company. I feel never before it was so easy to be part of something that makes a real difference to the society, and iBlog4aCause provides you with this simple and holistic approach to raise money for the social causes that we all support.

Even though, I mentioned the opportunities for blogger to contribute towards the various social cause, but let me clarify that it is NOT just for blogger. There are several other things for the people who are interested in being a part of social campaign but not interested in blogging. I would request you to visit the website for more details. May be, I will publish another post over here to explain opportunities for non-bloggers soon.
I wish more and more people will join iBlog4aCause and try to make a difference. I've a big vision for this non-profit social responsibility project of mine, and I know we have made right moves in the right direction, but the more new people I can add to my network the more easy it will be to serve the purpose. I hope a lot of you will start following iBlog4aCause soon and playing your part in the social causes that we are working for.