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Monday, October 18, 2010


Hey all, I'm having an unusual deficiency syndrome called the R.L.V. (REMEMBERING LAST VACATION.. :-). Normally, it doesn't happen to me, but may be the time I spent there was one of the most memorable one in my whole life. I know spending the holidays with your partner is always an unforgettable experience but the place itself is simply awesome. Yes, I'm talking about GOA- INDIA'S PARADISE!!

I visited GOA in April end and no doubt I really liked it. I especially liked my stay in Park Hyatt Goa, its a wonderful resort with super hospitality, just that its a little costly as per Indian standards, but I read somewhere the best things in world are also the costliest I insist you should visit this place at least once, and if you are an Indian I reiterate at least visit Goa once in every couple of years if not every year. To show you what a beautiful place Goa is, I've created a new video having few of the beautiful pictures that I took in GOA.

I think, I can try my hands in Marketing. Goa tourism should promote my video on their website, isn't it ?

P.S. The music that I have selected is a famous Hindi movie song "Tere Ore", since along with the place I wanted to add the Indian flavor to the whole thing. I hope you like it, and as always I'm eager to hear from you. Enjoy :-) :-)